I’ve turned to the Darq Side

Me and Chains of Eternity are just now getting acquainted.  Been insanely busy  this week.  And then just when I had time to sit down for a nice long session of EQ2, I realized my UI was all messed up.

I’ve used a custom UI since they were introduced.  And I’ve used most of the big ones at one time or another.  Profit, Fetish, Drums, etc.  I think there were others…  I switched to DrumsUI a couple of  years ago and was very happy with it.   It really excels for healers.

But with the new expansion, parts of the UI changed a good bit, especially with crafting.  The DrumsUI author was effected by Hurricane Sandy, so has not had the time to update the UI fully, and he substituted the default crafting window until he has time to update to be fully CoE compatible.

Which sucks for crafters.  So I started looking for a decent tradeskill window – and I found it in DarqUI.  The crafting window is a dream!  I may be the last gnome on Norrath to figure it out – if so, just indulge me…

First, let me tell you what I wanted in a crafting window… it wasn’t much – just the ability to repeat the last recipe I crafted by hitting the enter key.

That shouldn’t be too much to ask – right?  The default UI just doesn’t do it – at all.

But with DarqUI – I didn’t even know I wanted some features!  Like being able to save frequent searches!  Doing tradeskill writs, you will make the same items over and over and over and over.  I think the lvl 89 Provisioner writs repeat 4 items.  With the DarqUI, you can save the search for those 4 items and quickly find them when doing a rush order.  How nifty is that?  Screenshot to the right shows that in action.  These searches are unique to each toon – so ever toon can have its own drop down.  (All screenshots on this page link to bigger versions)

Now the next thing I didn’t know I needed was a reaction timer.  DarqUI has a little box on the crafting window that moves down with the ticks.  New reactions only happen when the timer is resetting – so as long as you are doing your arts while the timer is moving down, you won’t ever miss a reaction art.  However, your eyeballs and fingers still need to talk to each other.  The UI won’t prevent you from hitting the wrong key.  I do that all the time.  I’m such a doofus.  The UI will also play a sound when a reaction event pops up – so those of you that are just mashing buttons while watching tv can be alerted when it’s time to pay attention.  I’m sure I don’t know any gnomes that actually do that though…

The rest of the UI is nice too.  It has a control panel to configure all the options.  It makes it really really easy to make quick cast spells in  your group window – and it does it for each character – saves a lot of time trying to customize each character.


Loading in a new UI messed up the placement of all my hot bars, windows, etc. It was fairly challenging going through and changing all of that, and  it took an evening but I was able to get it done.  One thing that seems a little broken was the bags – you are supposed to be able to change the color and names of bags – but I could never get it to work.   One tip – I set everything up on my main toon – getting it all exactly the way I wanted.  Then I logged into all the other toons and did a /load_uisettings and loaded my main’s UI.  I like hot bars, group windows, bags, etc all set up the same for each toon.  I also keep the same type of spells in the same area. I start with 4 hot bars of my main fighting spells – I arrange them into two long rows.   Top row on the left is usually debuffs and de-agros mostly.  Bottom left row is damage spells.  I’ll put my pre-pull and stuff I cast first to the far left and then single target damage spells.  Around the upper center – I put point blank AoE – things that hit everything.  Bottom right are encounter AoE’s.  Top right is usually utility stuff – like roots.  I do this for every toon so that when I play a different toon, I know the general location of the spells and abilities.  On the far right, I keep my spells not used very often – buffs, call to guild hall, transmutting button, etc.

I won’t pretend to have the best UI set up – but it works for me.  Now I’m pretty particular with my shared bank – I like to keep potions, food, rares, etc set up by tier.  But I’m quickly running out of room.  It’s probably due for a cleaning.  Here’s a screen shot.  Don’t look in the top row of bags – I’m well know for being a pack rat and never being able to find anything in my bags.  Cleaning out the bags will be next project 🙂



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