Jobs of Norrath

Poor librarians.  They don’t last long on the job in Norrath.

Maybe librarians are just inherently evil.  Maybe it’s all those books flying around.  Lots of flying books in libraries all across Norrath.  But you don’t see many evil doctors lurking about in Norrath – well, except witch doctors, but they are few and far between and not real doctors anyway.  Anything with witch before it has to be evil.  Maybe they should make witch librarians….  You also don’t see evil fire fighters, policeman, day traders…  But there is an evil accountant.. and a brittle one – must have been tax season.  Chefs aren’t a very safe occupation either – high number of evil chefs out there – so be careful what you eat in Norrath – stick with the fancy food from your local provisioner.  Bartenders are not much better than chefs.  But I couldn’t find any salesmen…  apparently car salesmen are the good guys in Norrath – who knew?  And priests.  I don’t know what this says about the state of religion in Norrath, but if you come across a priest, you had better be prepared for battle.  But a lawyer is seemingly safe.  Take your pick – lunch with a lawyer or a priest… yeah, pick the lawyer, you’ll probably live longer in Norrath.


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