Killing Caely

Ok, not really!  I would never actually kill off Caely.  Spent way too much time developing her.  From progression raiding, getting my mythical, getting Drunder Wear, to doing those endless quests in “The City of Freeport” – no way I would kill her off.  Snowilla now…  apparently I have a death wish with her.  But I think she’s stable now.

I convinced Donald to make a toon to play with Snowilla – he made a white rat named Rataboom.  And he needed on all the shinies, so he had better keep playing him!  But in exchange, I agreed to go to Unrest.

Unrest is Creeeeeeeeeepy!

We duo’d the zone – I was on Caely, mentored to 74.  Donald was on Arazmus, his lvl 74 (now 75) Beastlord.  We really had no problems, except needing a write up on where to go next.  But I found it humorous that we had to kill me over and over.

It was fun – but a bit long.  We did have one issue with the Festering Hag – we both got stuck in cells and could not get out.  So I gated back to the guild hall and came back.  I managed to get a pretty nice cloak for Caelien – Cloak of Unrest – I should probably take her out for a spin.  I like playing the Inquisitor.  And goodness knows Caelien pouts enough…

This weekend has been pretty much a wash –  have not gotten anything accomplished except handing out a few roses for Erollisi Day.  I think right now I’m going to go play with Dungeon Maker.  I ran a couple of the dungeons.  The first one was boring as hell.  Maybe it was the avatar I chose – but all I did was mash one button.  The next time through I chose an assassin – I had 4 buttons I could mash.  And I didn’t use as much power.  The first time through I would kill a group of three orcs, wait a few minutes for the detrimentals to come off and power/health to regain.  I would lose interest and start surfing the interwebs.  Took me no less than an hour to get through it.  Made 65 marks.  Next dungeon, there was no down time – took me 10 minutes and I got 24 marks.  Now I’m going to go try to make my own dungeon.

I really think SOE missed the mark entirely on Dungeon Maker though.  If we could play with our own toon, it would be so much better.  And while they say they are doing it, I don’t see much progress on that front.

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