Ok, I admit it, I’ve been dying to use that title…

But my mesmer is a lot of fun to play.  Hubby is also loving his mesmer.  I made mine way before he made his though.  Although I will admit my mesmer Caely sat on the shelf, and got dusty.  And he has long passed me up.  I think Caely is now lvl 10, and his mesmer Dax Arazmus is like 20 something.  But he doesn’t complain when I drag him along in the lower zones.

The other night we were wandering around in Queensdale, when a group of bandits jumped me.  Must have been 4 or 5 of them.  Knocked me right down and I needed assistance from a local band of militia.  The militia continued to patrol the area and assisted us in killing a giant cave troll.  I’m very grateful for their assistance – as this Asura had picked on something bigger than her!

The above paragraph is my weak attempt at role-playing.  We had the privilege to see some role-playing going on with the guild Her Majesty’s Militia.  It was very cool.  We are certainly no role-players even though we are on the Tarnished Coast server – but I enjoy witnessing it when it does happen.

After playing the mesmer for a few levels, I’m feeling fairly week now.  Not sure if it is lack of gear, or lack of skill.  I do admit, there are a lot of confusing abilities.   My very first skill point was used to buy Signet of Illusion.  I haven’t noticed that it does anything yet.

What I really need is something to heal me – that’s where the elementalist wins – I have my self heal, but I also have two other heal abilities when attuned to water – Geyser and Healing Rain, plus I have a skill to create a little pet – and if I’m attuned to water, it heals me and beats up on mobs.  With those things, and being able to switch between attunements fairly quickly, I can keep myself alive.  For a while.  But while playing my mesmer,  I keep missing those healing abilities.  A lot.

I’m not playing nearly as often as I want to – maybe once a week, and a little bit on the weekends.  I usually just get my daily in, and that’s about it.  I’ve developed a way to do the daily – first I log on to the mesmer, and do a good bit of killing, trying to get as many varieties as I can, and try to do as many events as I can – I still manage to fall a few short though.  There seem to be a good many events going on in Queensdale.  Then when I’m almost done, I switch to my main, and finish up in another part of the world.  I usually save the harvesting so I don’t accidentally complete the daily on my low toon.   Currently trying Timberline Falls on my main.  This way I get a greater chunk of silver, and some good xp on my main.  I find it nearly impossible to do the daily in one zone – just not enough kill varieties.


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