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Before we get to the main post, let me just say that I’m going to kiss a developer!  Unless they are a dwarf – then no kissing.  I’m holding out kissing a dwarf for a Guild Broker that will only sell to guild members (or friends of the guild).  But….  SOE is putting in a variety of guild depots.  Not only that – they are increasing the limit – 1000 items that stack to 99,000 – and a “deposit all” button that will send all eligible stuff to the depot.  What a nice Frostfell gift!  You can see the test patch notes  and the forum thread discussing this wonderful thing.  So that really made my Friday that turned out to only be a Tuesday really terrific.

Ok – now on to moving.  First a little personal background (don’t worry, we’ll get to the EQ2 moving soon) – I moved 19 times in 10 years.  I didn’t live in 19 places, but I moved stuff from one place to another place 19 times.  I won’t go into all the details, but it was a variety of moving – combining households, putting stuff in storage while we waited to move – not pleasant stuff.  “They” say that every 7 moves is like a total house fire – losing a majority of your stuff.  There has been a lot of stuff I’ve lost over the moves – some of which makes me very sad.  (Which, when I see something I’ve had for 20+ years, I feel a real sense of accomplishment).  After the first 10 years of marriage, we moved 3 more times – and have one more move in our near future (and this doesn’t count the moving of the kids to college, which we manage to get in one carload).

So, to say I know a lot about moving is an understatement.  To say I hate moving, is yet another understatement.  This next move will be our last, because any more will kill me. I swear.

Moving in EQ2 can be a breeze.  I learned on the forums that you can just right click on the door and move your stuff – it will pack it all up and move it to the new place.  Those Norrathian movers are great.  They don’t unpack though.  But, if you are moving to the same layout, you can save your layout and reload it and your all unpacked in a few clicks.

But I didn’t go the easy route.  I have two accounts (my main account I use 99.5% of the time, and hubby’s abandoned account I steal from occasionally).  Hubby’s account got the LoN loot card for a rent free 5 bedroom house (which is actually 6 rooms).  My account has a main home that all the girls use, and a bunch of sub homes for each girl.  The main home is Fleabaux’s, and it is beautifully decorated by a friend – except for the crafting room, which has food on the floor – it’s the same layout as the 5 (6) bedroom house in Qeynos as the LoN loot card.  But it comes with a hefty price tag.  14 gold a week – plus status that I’ve managed to reduce.  I know, it’s not much.  But if you forget, then visitors are locked out – and you get locked out until you pay up, and it ejects you out when you log in with the rent unpaid.  It’s just messy.  Not horrible, just messy.

Now, Caely has this very same house in S. Qeynos, just around the corner from Flea.  Her house is not well decorated.  It was decorated by me.  I wanted it to be a purple palace.  I threw as much purple stuff in it as I could find.  But it does not have status reducing items.  It’s like 60,000 status a week.  I’m way too cheap for that.  So the house was rarely paid up.

Caely's Purple Palace

Caely’s Purple Palace

So, I stole hubby’s house and wanted to move Flea to the new place.  But you can’t have 2 Norrathians and a Mule show up, pack your stuff and move your new stuff to a house you don’t actually own.  So, I was going to move it all one by one – all 700+ items.  I do have 48 slot bags – which is 288 items.  Yeah – that’s a lot of trips, a lot of bags to empty – one by one.

Now – you may be wondering why I didn’t just move Caely’s house – it only had a few items, big rent and big status.  Yeah – it took me a long time to realize that is what I should do.  Sometimes I’m dense.

So – I set about moving Caely.  Came in with empty bags, left with full ones.  Then I had to set down each piece, one by one.  Occasionally I would just pack everything in the moving crate for better organization.  Took 3 trips to get everything.  But once everything was there, I just had to load my previously saved layout.

Unfortunately, I’m not decorator.  The purple palace to the right is as good as I’m going to do.  So I’m looking to hire a decorator on Butcherblock if anyone is interested.

While I was moving, I went ahead and moved my crafters.  I got all the girls set up in the new house.  I bought simple crafting stations – because if all you are doing is making the apprentices new tools that they wear out (geeze, these apprentices really should take better care of their stuff!), you just need the first line.  There is no advantage to crafting all 4 lines.  And it’s much easier with the right crafting UI (hint DarqUI) to do a line, hit enter and repeat.  Plus, they are a lot cheaper – only about 1 gold, and 6,000 status.

To set up your own crafting area you’ll need

Simple Crafting Stations

Simple Crafting Stations


Tradeskill Apprentices

Tradeskill Apprentices


Here’s a tip I just learned – you can put the quest items you craft for your tradeskill apprentice in the house vault – and the quest will pull them from there.  I make up several of each kind when I have some free time – which makes checking in on my apprentices super fast.   Another tip – stock up on fuel and put it on the broker.  Mark it up a bit to discourage people from buying it (but if they do, you make a little profit).  Then when you run out – you won’t have to run to the banker or a fuel merchant – just open up the broker window and remove what you need.



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