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A Beginners Guide to Heroic Characters

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Welcome to the world of Norrath!

If you have never played EverQuest II – you are in for a great adventure!  EQ2 has made it easy to jump in and start playing.  You can try out a lvl 85 character for free – and if you like it, you can purchase the toon for 3500 SC.  If you were lucky enough to get in on the Heroic Characters when they were first introduced, you could get a full Heroic Character (to lvl to 95) for free.  But that promotion is now over.  But don’t fear – there are often promotions to get discounted SC – just keep up with the forums or EQ2Wire for the latest news.

EQ2 is a Free to Play game – meaning you don’t have to have a regular subscription to pay.  You don’t even have to purchase the base game – you can level all the way to 92 without buying anything.   If you have not yet started playing, by signing up through this link – you can get a welcome pack:


2 x 2hr XP Potion 2 x 2hr XP Potion
This potion increases your tradeskill, combat, and AA XP gain by 50% for two hours.
1 Travel Globe Potion 1 Travel Globe Potion
Summons a portal that allows you to access the global bell transport system from anywhere.
2 x 7 Day Research Reducers 2 x 7 Day Research Reducers
Reduces the time remaining on the spell upgrade actively being researched by seven days.

 Creating a Character

Creating a Character is easy.  There are 25 (soon to be 26) classes.  They all have their strong areas and weak areas.

Fighters are the meat shields – they get beat on and keep mobs from beating on the squishies

Scouts are the utility and melee dps – some have great buffs and some have great utility (like rezzing)

Healers keep the group healthy

Mages are not only heavy dps, but also utility – power regen, rezzing, and summoning members are just a few of their duties.

Stuff to Do

 Now that you are in Norrath – what are you going to do?

First things first – open up your spell book (K) and read the description of all your spells and abilities.  You should have your main spells already on a hot bar – you keep that, or start fresh if you like.  But – look at every spell and ability and read it.

Next, Press (L) you’ll see buttons on the left, and tabs across the top.  Go through your Alternate Advancements.  Read all the descriptions.   You’ll have a pre-set AA profile to start with.  Probably best to keep with that until you understand your class better.   Next, go to your Character development (aka racial traditions) – still (L) – You can pick racial traditions, focus effects and Class training  (pick a grandmaster spell every few levels).   You’ll also see Prestige, Tradeskill and Tradeskill Prestige buttons – don’t worry about those just yet – you’ll get Tradeskill AA’s as you level up a craft.  You’ll get the two types of Prestige AA’s after you reach lvl 90.

When you first create your Heroic Character you are placed in the Great Divide.  Start out with that quest series – it will introduce you to the game and the various rewards.

After that, you might want to find a group.  There are several dungeons  you can do in the Velious area.  Try Tower of Frozen Shadow – it has some great loot that will be upgrades from what your Heroic Character starts with.


Words of a Giant – prerequisite to many quests.  Explore more languages

To Speak as a Dragon – another language quest that is needed for many quests.  If you have already completed this quest on another toon on your account, you can skip the tedious parts.

Epic Repercussions – Get  your epic buff.  You can now skip the epic timeline, but you still have to do Epic Repercussions to get the spells and upgraded weapon.

Deity Quest – Choose a deity – many to chose from to suit different classes

Tower of Frozen Shadow x2 Access Quest  – Once gaining access you’ll receive a class specific debuff spell that is used for some raids.

Sokokar Quests – for easier traveling in Kunark zones, you’ll want your own pet sokokar.

Blood of the Brood – This is a class hat – not really necessary as there are many appearance items now – but if you want your *class hat* this is how to get it.

Want More?

Signature Quests are often long arcing story lines encompassing several quests with very nice rewards.

Heritage Quests are single, but multi-step quests that result in a reward from the original EverQuest game.   The rewards are not always usable by your specific quest, but they can be turned into house items and provide status.

Quested Items

There are many quested items  you may want

Item Quest Notes
Manastone Stilleto’s Order’s Intercepted Power replenishment
Guise of the Deceiver  A Missing Mask  humanoid illusion
 Cloak of Crystalline Waters*

 Water’s of Norrath  Globe of Crystalline Waters
Steward’s Cloak Slot*


 Chains of Eternity Signature
 Fishbone Earring  Haden’s Earring  Water breathing – can also use totems
 Vishra’s Charm*

Bogstrutter Walking Stick  Bogstrutter’s Field Guide to the Moors of Ykesha  Speed Buff
Mount with StatsEashindor the Far-Seer

Eikrakis of the Moon

Skyshrine Quest SeriesDrinal in Harrow’s End (Final Named)  Search for more mounts with Stats
Cloak of the Harvester  Gathering Obsession Series

Purchased Items

These items can either be purchased from the broker, created by a crafter, or purchased from the Veteran Merchant.

Item Info Obtained From
Orb of Concentrated Memories Refills Adventure Vitality Vet Merchant
Hammer of Adept Hands Refills Tradeskill Vitality Vet Merchant
TotemsTotem of the Otter

Totem of the Deadly Sabertooth

Various temporary effects – crafted Woodworker
Call of the Tinkerer Tinkerer
Wormhole Generator  Opens a portal Tinkerer
Compact Sumac Harvesting Kit Reduces harvesting Time Woodworker
Food/DrinkAmbrosial Cake
Ambrosial Coffee
Ambrosial Fruit
Ambrosial Mead
Ambrosial Pie
Ambrosial Steak
Ambrosial Tea
Ambrosial Wine

Important Information!

EQ2 Maps

EQ2 Interface

Veteran Merchant

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