New Stuff!

Ok, it’s not really new stuff – I think it’s “new stuff is the same as the old stuff” sorta thing….

Brewday went away – but now we have the Chronoportal events.  A blast from the past!  Last year they gave some pretty good rewards.  Lvl 90 portal you get a belt.  Fabled Flowing Black Silk Sash is the mage one.  And what I’m wearing now Soul Asphyxiation Belt – Compare Caely (I’m hoping that link works for non me people).  Yeah – the gear is not so hot compared to what we have now days.  Maybe the loot got updated?  Nah…  probably not.  But your low level toons might find some good upgrades.  I think the lower level stuff was especially good.

But it should be fun to go kill mobs from EQ1 again.  Especially since EQ1 is now free to play – maybe I should just fire up EQ1…

You can buy a few house items – books, statues, and paintings from a merchant.  There are 4 new items for 2012, otherwise, it’s exactly the same event as last year.

Oh, and Crit Mit is gone… not sure what I think about that one.  I don’t raid, but I know a few group zones I went to had a crit mit requirement, which I had – so it wasn’t a big deal.

Bristlebane day should be coming up pretty soon – next week – Sneak Peek in the Test Forum.  It’s not my favorite in game holiday, but brings me that much closer to my favorite holiday…..  TINKERFEST!  Last year’s Tinkerfest details – I’m hoping for something really fun and new – and explosive this year!  Don’t you agree, Tinkerfest is the best?!?






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