Not So Super Sunday

First, let’s back up to Saturday.

My talented daughters had contests on Saturday.  Micaela, had her alto sax UIL Solo contest.  It was in a town about a half hour away.  She’s a new driver, but I thought with written directions and GPS on her phone, she would be fine driving there.  Plus, the rest of the family needed to head out to Austin for a winter guard competition for Hannah.  Shortly before Micaela was to arrive at her destination, we got a phone call – she was lost in Dallas. Luckily she stopped some place I could find on the map (The prom store we went to once).  She was very far away.  She didn’t get on the right highway, and stayed on the wrong one for about 20 miles.  In Dallas, that’s pretty huge.  I stayed on the phone with her as I got her going in the right direction.  And then she called us when she got to the contest.  She also made a “1” – which is the highest you can make.  It’s not really a contest against others, it’s a contest with yourself.  So we were all very happy that she was safe, and did well on her solo.

The rest of us headed down to Austin – about a 3.5 hour drive.  Our oldest has been doing color/winter guard since she was a freshman in high school. We have always enjoyed seeing her perform.  Now that she’s at SFA, we don’t get to see her near enough.  Most of their winter guard contests are in the Houston area, but this one was in Austin, close enough for us to drive down and back in a day.  It was great seeing Hannah.  And her and her friends sat with us up in the stands after they performed.  And they did silly college student things.  It was just a lot of fun.  Afterwards we took her and her friends to IHOP (remind me, only get breakfast food at IHOP from now on), and then we headed back home around midnight.  We got home well after 3am.  And try as I might to snooze in the car, it didn’t happen.

I get up around 6am every day.  Weekdays, weekends, doesn’t matter.  And apparently if I go to bed at 3am, I still get up at 6am.  So I felt off-kilter all day Sunday.  I logged in to play EQ2, but didn’t do a whole lot.  I worked on Snowilla a bit – added her picture to the site.  I locked her at lvl 10 to catch up with the quests.  She got a couple of levels doing the Kelethin festival, so when she got back to questing in Gorowyn, the mobs were grey.  So locked her at 10 until the quests became lvl 10.  She got a little bit of AA out of it, but I don’t think the quests give AA until lvl 10 – so she only got converted xp as AA.

Next, I started work on Caely.  She needs a lot of work.  She needs to revamp her AA’s, she needs some new gear (neck and cloak are priority), she needs MORE AA (though she gets about 1 AA every day or two, but she’s pretty far behind), and she needs a bunch of adornments.  But being out of sorts, I didn’t get much done.  Caely headed to “The City of Freeport” – I’ve noticed that they don’t just call it “Freeport” anymore, it’s “The City of Freeport”.  And she did all the Mage line quests there, and continued on with the core story.  I may never want to enter “The City of Freeport” again.  I think these would have been much more tolerable had I done them at each level.  As it sits, Caely is about half way done with the lvl 40 series.  And she’s done all the racial and archetype quests.   She has about 15 more quests to go – and that’s if she doesn’t do the optional quests.   Most of these quests give house items – Caely has enough to fill her house now!   But I didn’t get very much done last night in game.  No guild groups that I knew of – I think there was some sort of game going on last night…  Puppy Bowl?  My eyes started to glass over…  And finally I called it a night in game and started watching tv.

Waited for a super late pizza from Pizza Hut (who I am boycotting, but apparently the husband isn’t), and watched Glee, followed by New Girl, Raising Hope and Big Bang Theory.  I love my DVR.  I have no clue what time or day a show is on, it’s just there when I want to watch it.


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