Out Parsed by a Rug!

Caely played with giants tonight!  We did Throne of Storms – the group make up was a monk, inquisitor, conjuror, necro, coercer and me – a wizard. We have one more zone to go to finish up the dominance quest.

We had a really good time – lots of talking and laughter – exactly what I want out of a good instance.  I was asked if I was sick of doing the zone  yet – I believe it was my third or fourth time in there – and I said nope… I play for the socializing – and that changes and keeps me entertained no matter how many times we do the zones.  I had forgotten how much I love AoV and “socializing” we do.

After a few kills, the parse was posted and something really odd was showing up.

says to the group, “a Kromzek fulgurator: (00:22) | 1156377 | 52563 | [\aITEM -1126742564 382205008:Suppi\/a-Fury of the Elements-55472]”
says to the group, “Kaxoen | 482961 | 21953”
says to the group, “Nanoo | 229302 | 10423”
says to the group, “\aITEM – | 213926 | 9724”
says to the group, “Suppi | 118205 | 5373”
says to the group, “Caely | 111983 | 5090”
says to the group, “Pukab | 0 | 0”


The “Item” was a Suppi’s spells coming through as an item – a Rug of Golden Flora!  I was being out parsed by a rug!

Suppi recast her pet, and the parse went back to normal.

And, despite remembering to equip her fancy food, Caely’s dps still sucks.

Calling it a night on the EQ2 front – the hubby is home from his night shift and we are going to watch Moneyball

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