Sneaking back in, the return of the gnome

Or the Rat…

I’ve pretty much taken off the past 4 months from the game.  I’m not entirely sure why – but just felt I needed a break.   And apparently I wasn’t the only one that decided to take a break – seems the entire server population took a hit.

But for the past few weeks I’ve been wanting to come back and play regularly.  My hubby even said I needed to play *something*.

Recently our guild leader asked about a guild group night – so hopefully we’ll get that going soon.  And many in our guild are going to SOE Live.  I think I’m getting excited about playing again!

And hopefully a little more blog love will be happening 🙂



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The Parse Project

I’ve got a secret.  No matter what anyone says, mages like to top the parse.  That’s why you make a wizard, warlock, conjuror or necro.  And scouts do as well.  Don’t let those Rangers fool you….

So, I’ve been trying for a long time to be able to post parses on the site.  Pretty much the only way I could get it to work reasonably cool looking was to set up Joomla and install the ACT Parser.

I’ve been trying for a while with little success – until this weekend.  First – I downgraded Joomla to 2.5.  Probably should have gone all the way to 1.7.  But what’s done is done.  Then I was able to install the ACT Parser.  I also had to download the MySQL ODBC 3.51 driver – as the most current was no bueno.  After that it was just a matter of finding a decent theme and getting it all to display.  Now I’m not that great with Joomla, as I’ve only used it a little bit – but I think I have it working ok.  Take a look – The Parse Project.  I hope to be able to some how embed the parses into a blog post – but I’m not holding my breath.  I’ll be happy to just link to one.


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Play EQ2 for free!

EQ2, as well as other SOE games are “Free to Play”.  This means no software or subscription to purchase to get started.  You can try the game out before ever spending any money.  I’ve spent a lot of money on games I played for a month and then came back to EQ2.

And now you can get a free “Welcome Kit” by using this link to sign up.  The welcome kit includes research reducers (to get upgraded spells quickly), a 5 charge travel globe, and an XP booster.  This deal is good for a variety of SOE games, such as EverQuest, Planetside 2 and DC Online, as well as EQ2.  While this link is for EQ2, you can actually sign up for any SOE game – such as PS2, FreeRealms, etc – but the Welcome Kit is specific for EQ2 – and PS2, DC Online and EQ have their own welcome kit.

I’ve been playing EQ2 since 2004, and while I’ve tried other games – Rift, Guild Wars 2, etc – I’ve always come back to EQ2.  It has a very rich world.  Numerous starting areas and different paths to take.  You can level up several toons without repeating content until the upper levels (50+).  I recently made a baby toon in Kelethin – I had never done that newbie zone before.  There is something for everyone – adventure, tradeskilling, decorating.  Their crafting world has many quest lines and unique recipes to find.  And the housing system is awesome – I’ve never seen a more in depth housing system than EQ2 – you can pretty much create whatever you want.  And if you really are the creative type, you create items to be part of the Player Studio – and share in the profits when they are sold to players.

So, if you want to give EQ2 a shot – just click this link to get started with a free Welcome Kit.

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The Beta Blues

I wanted to do my part by testing out the content on Beta.  I copied two toons over – Febbi, my lvl 95 provisioner, and Fleabeaus, my lvl 95 conjuror/woodworker.  I thought between the two I could get a feel for the changes.

Bad idea.

I patched the client and logged in.  I checked to see who was online… 7 people.  Including me.  No one was in chat.  No one belonged to a guild.

So I decided to try out the new Daily Objectives.  The “travel to locations” updated quickly by just moving through the city of Qeynos.  So I thought I would do some writs.  Found the writ giver, but couldn’t find a woodworking table – so I went down in to the crafting dungeon.  Bought some fuel, found my work order, and found a table.  I was out of lumber.  Went to the broker.  No lumber was on the broker.  Thought I would just go harvest some.  Headed to Cobalt Scar – I could get some lumber, and I knew they had a table I could use.  Only it was really dark.  And my settings had all the flora turned on – so had to mess with the UI a bit.  Couldn’t find any lumber nodes.  Thought I would use the prestige harvest tracking ability.   My tracking ability was on the first level – not useful enough to actually find stuff – I needed to respec and bonus,  I could check out the AA templates.

What a mess.  All my AA’s got wiped out – I did manage to get the harvesting ability to 5, and added crafting stations so I wouldn’t have to search for a table – but I didn’t feel like respending all the other 320 AA’s just so I could craft.   So I set out to find some lumber.  Had to go through a bit of agro – fought them off.  Multiple times.  And then I see the lumber node… and just as I get to it.. bam, one shotted.  Dead.  I gave up at that point.

I think I’m going to re-copy my toons, but this time stock them up with raws so that I can craft.  Oh – and I’ll need to grab my tradeskill apprentice.  I tried to get a new one, no bueno.  I already have one – but she’s stuck in Happle’s house – and he’s not on Beta – so I couldn’t see the my tradeskill apprentice either.


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Is Excitement in the Air?

Ok, so a whole lot of nothing has been going on lately.


Oh – the devs did fix the Pet Auto Attack – yay!


But other than that, bleh.  Just a long hot summer.  And tinkerfest is not even here yet – that’s the best part of the summer!  Come on Tinkerfest!  Give a gnome some love.

But, we do have GU67 in the wings.  Supposed to go live on July 23rd (right before I move… I may not even have internet/computer for a while!)  But, Naimi Denmother (love her!) is giving us a preview of all the crafty goodness… new potions for Caelia to make… new food/drink for both Feb(b)i’s to make.  And pretty necklaces.  That will be fun.  And – personal depots – just like for the guild halls (though I think their item limits need adjusting).

I’m not sure I’m in love with the food/drink items.  Sounds like the yield is only 1.  One?  What?  But the duration is like 2 hours and 45 minutes – or maybe 3 hours.. who knows.  But the other fancy foods gave you a yield of 20, with a half hour duration – or 10 hours of food/drink for one combine – plus they only take common ingredients.  Looks like the new fancy food will take a special drop from new zones.  I’m not liking this one bit.  I think requiring a special drop is ok – but give us a yield of 20.  Or keep it at 1 and make it only commons.


But overall – I think it’s a good update.  I’m looking forward to it, even if I can’t play with it at first.

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Dev Auto Fail

As I mentioned earlier – the new Pet Auto Assist is broken.  Great in theory, but just isn’t working.

In today’s patch notes, we find out why people were having various levels of success.  Seems that it was broken when you target through a player.


  • Fixed an issue with pet auto assist related to click-through targeting.


Now, I know whether to /assist or target the mob directly or target through the main assist is it’s own debate – but I normally target through the main assist – so the pet auto assist was broken for me.  It’s hard to believe that a dev would have missed that particular mechanic of gameplay.  As I recall, this was an issue with another thing that was broken – fixed, and then they realized it was because of targeting through a player.

Can’t wait to group tonight and see if it was fixed for good.

Edit:  Errr – maybe not

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It’s a gnome’s most favorite time of the year!  Tinkerfest!  Even though I have branched out, I still love the gnome.  So Tinkerfest is very special to me.

Naimi Denmother has a preview up over at EQ2 Traders with pictures of all the new goodies this year.  I’m very excited about the blueprints – those look great!  And the door!  Although in my main tinker home (Caela’s) she has two rotating cogs in a door way – (I’ll try to get video of them tonight) – and they look really great!  But I’m sure I’ll find a use for the tinkered door.  Plus new quests this year, along with a bunch of new items to buy and craft, including building blocks.

We still have over a month to go before Tinkerfest hits the live servers (July 26th – and I think there may be a new Game Update about that time as well) – but you can check it out on Test – or drool over EQ2 Trader’s screen shots.  You can also visit the Zam Tinkerfest page – they will update things as they see them on Test.

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Really digging the healer these days.   But I really needed my mythical spell.


I think it will be great to have another group cure.  I was able to knock it out this weekend.  Did the vast majority of it solo – only need a guild friend for the last three zones.

But this epic weapon is ugly!  I’m going to have to find a much nicer weapon to carry around.  It’s ok hanging out in my  house on the wall – but as a fashion accessory it blows.

I also spent some time getting some adorns.  I hope I did it right.  There is a complete lack of decent inquisitor guides.  Do people not play inquisitors?  Are they just so easy you don’t need a guide? At any rate, I got some Wisdom, Crit Chance, Crit Bonus, Potency, Ability Modifier and a few weapon skills.  Hopefully that was the right thing to do.  Hopefully I can take her out again tonight for a spin.

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Topping the Parse

I admit it.  I really really really like to be at the top of the parse.   During guild groups I have no problems being the top of the parse.  I did freak the guild group out a bit the other day when I renamed my pet “Fleapet” and I was no longer at the top of the parse – I was second (now, add in my pet and I would be first).

But raiding is another matter entirely.  The scouts keep blowing me away.   So I’m looking forward to “Mage Class” tonight and picking other’s brains about how to get a little more DPS out.

But last night I took my little healer out for a spin.  I usually only take her for easy zones.  And so far, I’ve kept most people alive.  We also had a defiler in the group.  So looking at the heal parse, the defiler is blowing me out of the water.  He has like 120K and I have 988 on the heal parse.  My guild friends assured me that heal parses were worthless – the defiler’s wards are going to be used up way before my reactives go off – so of course he’ll get more healing.  I even dps’d a little – very little.  I beat the defiler.  (The tank out dps’d everyone else, and that is just wrong on many levels).  But, of course I want to be on top of the parse!  And I found my niche….  I was the top of the Power Drain parse!  That’s my claim to fame now.


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Pet Auto Fail

A while back a new pet option was added – Auto Assist.  I’m not sure if it ever worked.  But recently the forums have discovered it is worthless at best, or just plain broken.

I only recently discovered the option as I was using an old UI.  When I updated my UI, I saw the option and thought I would give it a try.  What happened was the pet would take off just as soon as the tank pulled something – regardless if I was ready to fight or not.  Now, my guild group is pretty forgiving, but I bet my raid leader would not be.  Auto Assist was working just like “protect me” – which every good pet class should have turned off in group/raid situations – but with the added “benefit” of protecting the tank too.

Here are how the options *should* work in my opinion:

Protect Me – pet attacks anything that does damage to me
Protect Self – pet attacks anything that does damage to the pet
Auto Assist – pet attacks anything that I am attacking (not that the tank in my group attacked, but me, the owner of the pet)

Each of these should be independently toggled.

They put in a patch to fix the Auto Assist – to what we thought would have the pet behave in the above manner.  But it’s still broken.  Did a test run last night – and the pet would not attack at all until I sent it it.  So hopefully the devs will go back to the drawing board on this one.  The Auto Assist option has the potential to be awesome.  It would save a second or two (which in the world of DPS adds up).  I do have pet attack macroed to a few spells, but you have to watch out, as sometimes you don’t want your pet to attack at all.   Most importantly, it would save a lot of time on adds – where the target changes very quickly – this would allow you to cast your fast spells and ensure your pet is attacking the new target at the same time.


Check out the conversation on the forums!

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