Patch Notes 1/24

It’s hot fix Tuesday tomorrow!  Not a lot to interest me though… See the notes here.

Grabbing my attention was this:


Tradeskill Apprentice daily reward potions are now treasured and stack to 200.

The Potion of Hastened Learning will now give +25% experience gain.


Woohoo.  Though I think it’s kinda sad that we need to be reminded that we have failed at the lottery so many times that our booby prize potions are stacking to 200.  I wonder how many the colossal reactants stack to….  I’ve only seen one…

What they didn’t mention in the patch notes was the EQ2 Share hashtag.  As I posted in the SOE forums – there were some tweets coming through with the #eq2 tag and some with #eqii.  Mysstie figured out the mystery!  If  you take your name out of EQ Share, you get the #eq2 tag, and if you put a  name in, you get #eqii.  I didn’t even know you could change your name – my custom UI (DrumsUI) didn’t have that option.  I went back to the default character window and the option appeared.

Speaking of UI’s…  I highly recommend you install a custom UI – they can make things.. well… better.  I love DrumsUI, but also Fetish and Profit are really nice.  EQ2Interface is the place to find just about anything you would want – including EQ2Maps – which is MUST HAVE.

In other news… I was tired tonight.  Watched Once Upon a Time (still behind on that show), then did my tradeskill chores, and now I’m off to bed and it’s not even 8:30 yet!




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