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EQ2, as well as other SOE games are “Free to Play”.  This means no software or subscription to purchase to get started.  You can try the game out before ever spending any money.  I’ve spent a lot of money on games I played for a month and then came back to EQ2.

And now you can get a free “Welcome Kit” by using this link to sign up.  The welcome kit includes research reducers (to get upgraded spells quickly), a 5 charge travel globe, and an XP booster.  This deal is good for a variety of SOE games, such as EverQuest, Planetside 2 and DC Online, as well as EQ2.  While this link is for EQ2, you can actually sign up for any SOE game – such as PS2, FreeRealms, etc – but the Welcome Kit is specific for EQ2 – and PS2, DC Online and EQ have their own welcome kit.

I’ve been playing EQ2 since 2004, and while I’ve tried other games – Rift, Guild Wars 2, etc – I’ve always come back to EQ2.  It has a very rich world.  Numerous starting areas and different paths to take.  You can level up several toons without repeating content until the upper levels (50+).  I recently made a baby toon in Kelethin – I had never done that newbie zone before.  There is something for everyone – adventure, tradeskilling, decorating.  Their crafting world has many quest lines and unique recipes to find.  And the housing system is awesome – I’ve never seen a more in depth housing system than EQ2 – you can pretty much create whatever you want.  And if you really are the creative type, you create items to be part of the Player Studio – and share in the profits when they are sold to players.

So, if you want to give EQ2 a shot – just click this link to get started with a free Welcome Kit.

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