Productive Weekend

I had a very productive weekend.  I took the day off on Friday – which is a good thing, as I felt pretty crappy all day.  My oldest went off to college for the weekend – doing color guard auditions.  I think at this point it’s really just for the incoming freshman, and the others just to see each other again.  She goes off for real next Sunday.

Friday, with the house all to myself (that never happens any more!) I started the betrayal process on Caely.  Turning her from a Wizard into a Warlock.  I did this for a few reasons.  First, I’ve never been thrilled with the “evil” side of things.  I’ve always loved Qeynos.  And the vast majority of my toons are now in Gorowyn and Freeport.  Especially the ones I actually play.  So I wanted to go back to being more Qeynos focused with the new revamp.  Second, I wanted to do the quest line in Qeynos on Caely. Third, I started this game as a Warlock on Caela.  And yes, she’s still there – but she’s lvl 60 and has precious little AA.  It would be far more work to get her up to 92 than it would to betray.  My first love has always been Warlock.  All that disease… By far, my favorite animation in the game is watching mobs get covered in green gunk and cough up their guts.  I haven’t seen that in a long time.  Maybe they don’t even do it anymore… but it never got old 🙂  So I really liked the idea of playing a Warlock again.  And Caely started her life as a Warlock – so it’s just coming around full circle.  And who doesn’t love a bunch of mobs all falling dead at once?  And finally, the guild already has a kick ass Wizard.  And in a group situation, it just seemed so redundant when I could be playing another class that would bring a little more flavor to the party.  That reason is just filed under “icing on top”.

I actually was able to finish the entire betrayal line on Friday.  If you buckle down and don’t stop, you can probably get the whole thing done in two hours.  Me?  Took me all day because I kept stopping to do other stuff.  Like I watched a documentary on Netflix (love Netflix!) called For the Bible Tells Me So – great documentary – I highly recommend it.  And I watched some Private Practice – still way behind.  Hannah’s just here for one more week – so we need to kick our Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice watching into high gear!  We got in one Grey’s Anatomy on Sunday – at least we are on the last season for that one, but we have to watch it on Hulu Plus – which is fine (if you like commercials), but not nearly as great as Netflix.

The betrayal timeline is broken down into three parts – first you have to go through a series of steps to get thrown out of Freeport.  Spying on some guards, changing schedules… Then you have to gain favor with Qeynos by doing quests – there is a long list of them, but I think the best bang for the buck is The Captain’s Ring – you get +5,000 Qeynos faction, and it’s fairly easy – head to The Thieves Way entrance a short run from the quest giver, and then go into South Freeport – it’s a very short run with no guards to the zone in at the docks.  Once inside, at lvl 92, I didn’t even need to kill anything – but  you do have to right click on a few items to use them – first a shovel, then up the stairs to some dirt in the corner, then down the stairs and into the back room and a cabinet.  Then run out.  I could do this with the mobs hitting on me the whole time.  Sometimes I stopped and did my big AoE to watch them all fall down just for fun, but not necessary for survival.  Younger folks, or people in treasured only gear may have a harder time.  You do this quest 12 times to get enough faction.  Then the last part is setting up residency in Qeynos.  You go talk to a guy who makes you pick up trash.  And then you have to kill a mob – 4 times if I remember correctly.  Fairly easy stuff.  At the end, you can pick which class you want to be (within limits).  Most classes get to pick – but a few are still set.

So I got all that done on Friday.  On Saturday I umpired a kickball game, then had another kickball meeting – then went and bought a huge amount of groceries!  We’ll be eating pretty good for the next week.  I’m trying to put more vegetables in the diet.  We’ve been eating at home more, which is showing in the budget.  Which is good.  We so need to control our food costs.  Last month we spent $1,800 in food.  For a family of 5.  That’s insane!

Much of the rest of Saturday was spent respecing to a suitable warlock spec.  I think I’m fairly happy with it.  I also realized I lost three pieces of gear – So I made some Ry’gorr gear and Thurgadin legs.  I didn’t have a Lava Ruby, and I wasn’t going to spend 150 plat on one either.  It will do.  Though I’m not sure what the upgrades are for that gear.  Maybe I should convince the guild to go into Drunder – Drunder Wear is Fun to Wear!

On Sunday I did a whole lot of nothing at all.  Except I attempted to make some “skillet queso” – what a disaster!

In game I was much more productive.  I decorated Caely’s new Qeynos house – in purple!  I had some purple tiles I got from the Bristlebane event, and a few other purple items.  I need to find someone who knows how to place them right though…   I bought a few master spells – had hubby make some expert spells.  Then did some time reduction (I bought some reducers when they had the 50% rebate a while back) – so my spells aren’t terrible now.    Hubby and I did spend a little time on the Qeynos quest line on our scouts – he has a Beastlord, and Caelila is a Troub (who previously went through the betrayal quests and used to be a dirge).  We are at the lvl 80 quests, but have to finish our Archetype quests first.  So we started doing those.  Those were very annoying.   I had the hardest time with Following the Footsteps – I could not kill the people fighting without dying myself.  I got very frustrated – but got through it.  But I had to stop and watch Grey’s Anatomy.

I even squeezed in some time to play the Lottery….  booby prizes.  Oh – and Caely did a little faction grinding for the Far Seas Supply Division and managed to get two levels.

So all in all a very productive weekend.



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