Qeynos: You can go home again

I logged into the Test Server last night for a peak at the new Qeynos.  And I was disappointed.

But then I realized it had been a long time sin

ce I had actually been to Qeynos on the live server, so I decided to take a look at both of them.

I think I, and some other forum members are being a little harsh on the EQ2 Artists.  It’s really not that bad.  Logging back into Test today and I realized how warm it was.  Warm and inviting.  Just like I remember Qeynos being.  But when I logged onto live, it was rather flat and drab – not warm at all.

For the sake of fast page loading – I’ve got screen shots and more commentary after the jump….


Here are some screen shots.

Sorry these thumbs are on the small side – but if you click them, you get great big pictures!

First – the castle.  It looks great on Test.  Very regal.  Just stunning.  The old castle  looked very flat and boring.

Second – the Claymore.  I think it has the biggest change with the texture around the base of the statue and the stone work of the steps.  The actual statue part is not that different, but the overall feeling of the piece is much more detailed.

Third – Iron Toes East.  Not a lot of difference at all.  Except the horse.  You can’t really tell by these pictures – but the horses in Qeynos really look terrific!  The horses are really befitting a grand city such as Qeynos.

Also – look at the wall behind Iron Toes East – they really did great on that wall.  All the walls around the city are the same.  Gone are the green glob covered boring walls – these have depth, texture, and interesting details.   You’ll also notice the lighting.  On Test the lighting is just more vibrant and alive. I think it adds to the warm feeling the zone has.

I think the walls and the horses are my favorite parts of the revamp.  Plus, we have new quests – I’m looking forward to doing those.  At first glance, the revamp doesn’t look all that special – but maybe that’s a good thing.  I know I just hate it when I color my hair and everyone then spends the next week telling me how great it is or “did you do something with your hair?”  Wouldn’t it be great if people saw me and just thought “You know, I always thought she was pretty, she’s really shining today”.  Subtle change that makes a difference – that gives you a little spring in your step is better than the turning heads change that has people talking about you behind your back.


This is the Castle on the Live Server

This is the new Qeynos Castle on the Test Server

This is the Claymore statue on the Live Servers

This is the Claymore Statue on the Test Server

Iron Toes East Live Server

This is Iron Toes East on the Live Server

Iron Toes East on the Test Server

The one thing I’m really going to miss are the suburbs.  But as was pointed out – no one used the zones.  While I’ve visited the zones recently – before that it was probably years since I had been to them.  So I do understand SOE wanting to turn them into quest zones to get people back in them.  Maybe I’ll really enjoy doing the quests there.

So, I’m going to lay off SOE devs for a bit.  They did ok with this revamp.

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