Remember that dirty little secret?

I got so excited last post that I completely forgot about my dirty little secret.

I was chatting with the guild a while back and I told them I felt dirty (which got the guys interest at least).  I told them I used those “hero edge” items.  When they had the 1/2 price sale I stocked up on the health potions, rez scrolls, and tracking scrolls.    Of course, I don’t feel dirty enough to not use them.

I’m fairly sure me soloing out in the Withered Lands and using a health potion when I got one too many adds is not going to spell the end of the game.   And I voted in the poll that I would like them as well.  For every person on the forum complaining about the game, there are people like me, quietly playing and having fun in the game that so many seem to hate.

I’ve found that in the world, it’s the people with a problem that are the loudest.  People very rarely tell you that you are doing a good job.  I’ll have to remember the next time a business or organization does something right to let them know.

But back to the potions.  Yes, I use them.  I use them for when I get in a jam and can’t get out.  I would rather use a potion and continue on my way than die and have to run back and start all over.  Does it make the game too easy? Nope.  It’s not like I’m going to be able to go out and raid tomorrow because I didn’t die when I got a little too close with my AoE.


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