Shipwrecked is a fun new quest series starring Raffik.  Raffik is a cute little Ratonga with big dreams of being a pirate.

This series follows Raffik with quests from  lvl 5 all the way to lvl 100.  You will get an in-game mail with each new installment.

You can find the write up at EQ2Traders.

If you are already 100, you can do the questline in about an hour or so (depending on how distracted you get, I had to stop and watch some TV and eat lunch, then play with my iPad…)  I’ve summed up your shopping list so you can get it all together in one fell swoop (it’s time consuming getting that many raws and fuels together!)  Be sure to also pay attention to where you are going next.  To get the in game mail for the next quest you’ll need to zone somehow – either zone to where you will be meeting Raffik next, or camp to your self.  You can also go to the Isle of Mara and speak to a guy who will give you the mail.  I found it a lot easier to just zone into the next zone.


2 electrum cluster
2 tuber strand
2 rough turquoise

1 Belladonna root
1 boiled leather pelt
1 Gold Cluster
2 sparkling filament

2 lapis lazuli fragments
1 basic coal

1 velium cluster
1 rough opaline
1 feyiron cluster
1 Glimmering Coal

5 soluble loam
5 beryllium cluster
5 succulent root
25 Lambent Coal

1 squash
5 aviak meat
5 ravasect meat
1 Scintillating Candle

1 raw cranberry
1 lichenclover root
1 Cabilis cocoa bean
1 Smoldering Candle

1 Marr cherry
1 lapsang tea leaf
1 caynar nut
1 Ethereal Candle

1 plump lychee
2 matoppie roots
1 aduki bean
1 Ethereal Candle

1 hylocereus fruit
1 sulfur fruit
2 wild flameflower
1 Effulgent Candle


And here are the rewards –  plus you can hire Raffik as your mercenary!  These are pretty cool items.  I have not tried any of them out. But the descriptions sound interesting.   They are a bit on the expensive side.  Each one takes 10 amalgamations – which are made with 200 common harvests (any of the correct tier will do), water, and 5 fuel.  I highly suggest you use Mass Production!


Harvester’s Balm Coldain Cure-all Charm of Expertise
Blessing of the Prime Henchman Adornment Pack Globe of Homecoming
Brew of Readiness Potion of Nimble Fingers Mutagenic Essence


Click for a bigger picture that you can actually read!

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