Snowilla saves Qeynos!

Well, at least that’s what she thinks she’s doing.  She’s a little Arasai with big plans!

There is a little less than a month until Guild Wars 2 launches – and hubby got bored.  So he decided to dust off his “free 2 play” account.  He has a ton of toons on it.  A lvl 90 conjuror, a lvl 79 paladin – a lvl 76 beastlord…  the list goes on and on.   He logged on one of his toons and quickly realized he wasn’t going to be able to wear any of the gear he had, and most of his bag and bank slots were blocked.  So he decided to start a new toon.  He really liked the beastloard class, so he rolled another one – and Arassen was born.  He spent most of the morning getting him up to lvl 20, and once he did, I joined him on Snowilla.  I made him some fancy food – but he couldn’t even equip it.  SOE did give him a little message to try an unlocker – which he did – and it wouldn’t work – I guess you can’t use unlockers on consumables.  I ended up making him some nice non fancy food, which I think was just as good at that level.

Snowilla and Arassen ventured into Qeynos to see what was up.  We really had a great time doing the core story quest line.   We took the time to read all the quest dialog, and found the story very entertaining. Little Snowilla is ready to kick some butt!  If only she knew how to be an actual coercer…    I can’t wait to get Snow up to 40 so that she can continue it.  I’ve got to know what happens!  Yes, I know I could do the whole story line on any number of my toons, but I think I may just save this one to savor.  Hubby has a theory in how this story will progress, and I hope he is right – but we are going to try not to be spoiled.  We went through the entire lvl 20 line without using a guide (of course the big blue dots on the map helped a lot, and there wasn’t much to figure out on our own), and I hope we can continue that as we progress through the story.

Snowilla continues to not get any help at all from her older siblings who have the cash and rares to gear her up…  She got some journeyman spells though, and a couple of adept that dropped off dead things.  She has a few treasured/legendary items she doesn’t need – wondering if she should save them to squish, or sell them on the broker.  She only has like 16 gold to her name – so selling them would really boost her financial position.

After we finished that quest line up, we decided to try our hand in Crushbone Keep.  A lvl 20-30 dungeon in Gfay.  We had two mercs with us – a healer and a swashy.  We did ok until we got to the yellow mobs, and well, by that time it was time to watch some Olympics and Newsroom.  I highly recommend both – not the dying to yellow mobs – the watching the Olympics and Newsroom part.

Of course now I’ve got to get Arassen and Snowilla up to 80 to finish the Qeynos story before GW2 starts -because then I’ll never see hubby in EQ2 again.  Watching him play the GW2 beta was fun – and I tried to play – but just couldn’t do it.  The controls are all wrong, and I can’t play in first person, which as it turns out, is a deal breaker for me.  I felt so disconnected from myself.  And forget being able to control my movements.  Plus, my reaction skills just are not fast enough for that game.

In other news – since I have not made a post in like forever, I’ve been working on tradeskills – and I’ll make a post on that later.


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