Snowilla vs the Pig

After spending some time in the Guild Hall, mostly mooching off her sisters and taking all their hand me down shinies, Snowilla decided to head back home to New Halas.  After arriving from the surprisingly short sea voyage (sans boat) Snowilla met Barker Gordon.  She wasn’t sure if Barker was his

first name or his occupation.  But he had a job for her to do.  Seems he needs to get ready for the New Halas city festival and he needs to make some Ham and Beans  but he has a problem.  He named his pig.  He can’t kill a pig he named.  So he wants Snowilla to kill the pig.  Fine, she’ll do his dirty work.smilingpig

So, Snowilla finds the pig.  Only the thing is absolutely adorable.  He’s even smiling at her.  And his name is Bentor.  How cute is that?  And she’s supposed to kill him?  Maybe old Barker Gordon should find someone else.  Snowilla may be an Arasai, and they aren’t known for being all goody two shoes, but she is better than most of them, and killing smiling pigs is not on her list of evil things to do.    But, Barker Gordon did promise to give her a nifty Empowered Totem if she does the deed.  And her ranged slot is currently empty.  The allure of being 10 points smarter is greater than any sense of pity on the poor smiling pig.

pigkillssnowSo Snowilla casts a spell on the pig -and he stops smiling.  And starts biting!  Ouch.  That pig hurts.  In pretty short order, he had killed poor, innocent, sweet Snowilla.  She curled up into a little ball upon her death.  Well, she wasn’t going to have that.  She got right back up, hiked back up to the pen and decided she would be a little smarter this time.  She charmed a hawk along the way to help her out.  And found her stun spells to hopefully stop that dirty pig from doing too much damage.  Only the damn pig killed her and her hawk.  Stupid pig.  That pig had to die now.  It wasn’t some sweet smiling pig that unfortunately had to be dinner any more.  That pig was the enemy and he  had to die.

But Snowilla was getting no where with that pig.  He was hitting her for a lot.  Like 89 points a shot.  And when you only have 800 hit points, it doesn’t take long to die.  So, Snowilla called upon her older sister Caela – a low, but high enough, tailor.  Caela set about making her lvl 20 handcrafted armor.  Yeah – it’s not as good as mastercrafted, but it was better than what she was wearing, and it was cheap.  There was a brief moment where Caela thought she could make the Fabled Mastercrafted Tranquil Robe of Havoc – but she had not researched the recipe – Caela researched the lvl 30 mage robe.  Ooops.    Then JumJumm decided to get in on the act.  She put together a nice set of handcrafted jewelry.  Again, not great, but better than what she had, and cheap.  I probably should have gotten her some spells – Snow’s spells are all apprentice, but it was late, and I was falling asleep at the crafting table!  But, I found some adornments not being used – nothing exciting, but a little extra INT or Health is always a good thing.

Snowilla, dressed up with new clothes and jewelry headed out to kill that nasty pig.


  She didn’t even bother to get a hawk  this time, figuring the new gear would be enough.  And this time, she actually did make pretty quick work of that pig.  So now we have a dead pig – and he’s not smiling – his tongue is all hanging out… and well, now he’s in my tummy.



So, Snow plans on locking at 20 for a while.  Finish up the New Halas quests, kill that pig a few more times.  Maybe get that nice robe, even if she doesn’t wear it for long.   But I wonder if it really was just the gear.  This was a lvl
20 pig, using gear Snow had received from questing.  I think it probably was the fact I suck as a coercer.  I haven’t played her enough to remember what all the spells do.  I was just mashing some buttons – though I did try to mash the ones that had stuns in them.

In other news – I played the Lottery (aka 9 stages of disapointment, only I don’t get disappointed that often!).  Again, more booby prizes – but I decided to use more of the potions.  I’ve got stacks of all of them, might as well start using them.  I did take a 6 hour 25% XP potion for Caely and got a few levels on her Carpenter.  It’s not the best xp gain, but otherwise I would have no bonus, and those things are just taking up space in my bags.


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