Sometimes, things change.

Table Top Role Playing set up.

This blog is called “Caela’s Corner” – and it was primarily about my characters on EverQuest 2. I dabbled in a few other games, but always came back. Until about a year ago. I haven’t really played for nearly a year. We had a two month period where we played the new expansion, but EQ2 had lost it’s magic. It’s ok. Time to move on. And move on we have.

At first we didn’t play much of anything. Hubby played a few games by himself. And I got interested in selling LuLaRoe. LuLaRoe is fantastic clothing, sold by independent retailers. I started the process to become a LuLaRoe Independent Retailer back in March 2017, and finally launched my business on June 3rd. It’s going great. It keeps me busy. Unfortunately, I broke my wrist in mid May, and well, that’s been challenging.

But don’t think I have abandoned “Caela”. She’s alive and kicking in the world of table top RPG. Hubby has created his own world, and Caela has been joined by Fiona and Suri (our kids) and we are using the Fantasy Age game rules. We thought it would be less complicated and easier for us beginners. But once we finish the campaign we are on, we are toying with the idea to converting to the most recent D&D ruleset.

So far in our adventures we have saved a girl who was kidnapped who turns out to be some sort of special deity child. Sorta like Gandhi. And then we went on to help some gnolls fight a giant who was forcing them to kill chickens from nearby farmers. Yes, we are level 1, and saving chickens is better than killing 10 rats.

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