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I have a dirty secret

I have seriously been writing this post over several days.  Over a week actually.  But I’ve been pretty busy playing the game!  I apologize before you start reading if it’s all disjointed. Wednesday and Friday I went out with the guild group on Caely and started work on the Skyshrine Quest Series.  We completed a […]

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Meh.  I really really really wanted to be excited about this GU.  But so far, I’ve been hit with a wall of  meh.  Not really about the game though.  I was on all of about 10 minutes.  It’s the entire logging on that has me in a standstill. Spring time at the Fizzletoes is very […]

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And…. We’re back!

Sorry for the extended absence.  Lots of changes going on in my world the last couple of weeks.  We moved.  Still same general area, but it was a fairly huge ordeal for me.  I’ve moved a lot in my life (23 times in 24 years)  and this was by far the most traumatic move. We were […]

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Wasted Double XP

I was a bad gnome this weekend.  Totally wasted the double xp.  Well, not totally. Caely managed to go into the Conservatory and got 3 AA out of it – which is pretty good considering the amount of AA she has. And Snowilla was probably the biggest winner of the double xp.  She was reborn […]

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Not So Super Sunday

First, let’s back up to Saturday. My talented daughters had contests on Saturday.  Micaela, had her alto sax UIL Solo contest.  It was in a town about a half hour away.  She’s a new driver, but I thought with written directions and GPS on her phone, she would be fine driving there.  Plus, the rest […]

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Why can’t they make pretty robes?

I was very excited tonight to get a new robe.  I had been wearing a lvl 80 Ethermage’s Flamespun Robe – which was T3 Void Shard armor from the WoE x2 raid.  At level 90 it was, well, *pathetic*.  At lvl 80 it was *very nice*.   So I was very excited to get a *nice* […]

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