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Everything I Ever Wanted to Know About Terrors of Thalumbra

Everything I ever wanted to know about Terrors of Thumbalina errr Thumbra… no…  Thulumbra – still not right. Old habits die hard…  Ok – Everything  I (or maybe even you) ever wanted to know about Terrors of Thalumbra!   I still get a squiggly red line under it when I’m writing.  I just say Thumbalina […]

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The Ultimate, EQ2, Everything on One Page, Crafting Resource Resource

I found myself going to a few different sites and digging through links to find list of different crafting resources.  What rare did I need to make a lvl 54 spell?  What materials do I need for a lvl 60 adornment?  How about the fuel?  And what is this sparkling foundation I just harvested? What […]

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Caely the Wonder Warlock!

Ok, she’s not that wonderful.  I have no idea how she does on a parse.  I’m sure her DPS is not that great.  But I took a screen shot of her in all her gnome glory.   I think I’ll try to work on her some more.  I went through some of her gear, and […]

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Really digging the healer these days.   But I really needed my mythical spell. I think it will be great to have another group cure.  I was able to knock it out this weekend.  Did the vast majority of it solo – only need a guild friend for the last three zones. But this epic […]

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Busy Weekend

I had a really busy weekend!  I had to go to work to recover. Our middle child Micaela graduated from High School on Friday.  She’s a smart kid and did very well.  Here’s a picture of her with all her “bling”.  The gold medal is for “Texas Success Scholar” which is really just doing what […]

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Dungeon Maker Take 2

Wednesday night, as we were doing faction grinding in SkyShrine (who thought that up??? ugh!) a guild member mentioned he was mad at me.  Mad at me? Sweet little, disease spreading, adorable, purple, gnome me? (yeah, that’s probably a misuse of commas)  Seems I had given him the idea of going into Dungeon Maker to […]

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Back to Warlock School

Monday night Caely had her first night in a group fighting as a warlock.  It was fun.  A few things I liked a lot better than the wizard – first I seem to have a few useful spells other than just nuking the crap out of a mob. I’ve got some spells that prevent me […]

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Snowilla vs the Pig

After spending some time in the Guild Hall, mostly mooching off her sisters and taking all their hand me down shinies, Snowilla decided to head back home to New Halas.  After arriving from the surprisingly short sea voyage (sans boat) Snowilla met Barker Gordon.  She wasn’t sure if Barker was his first name or his […]

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Adored part 2

I got all adored again today…  Err, I mean adorned. And I got me some good wizarding advice for Caely. I upgraded much of my gear.  I’m in a good many pieces of Drunder Wear now and a few new jewelry pieces.  So I was missing a lot of adornments.  I added some white adornments […]

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Not So Super Sunday

First, let’s back up to Saturday. My talented daughters had contests on Saturday.  Micaela, had her alto sax UIL Solo contest.  It was in a town about a half hour away.  She’s a new driver, but I thought with written directions and GPS on her phone, she would be fine driving there.  Plus, the rest […]

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