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Dungeon Maker Take 2

Wednesday night, as we were doing faction grinding in SkyShrine (who thought that up??? ugh!) a guild member mentioned he was mad at me.  Mad at me? Sweet little, disease spreading, adorable, purple, gnome me? (yeah, that’s probably a misuse of commas)  Seems I had given him the idea of going into Dungeon Maker to […]

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Back to Warlock School

Monday night Caely had her first night in a group fighting as a warlock.  It was fun.  A few things I liked a lot better than the wizard – first I seem to have a few useful spells other than just nuking the crap out of a mob. I’ve got some spells that prevent me […]

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Killing Caely

Ok, not really!  I would never actually kill off Caely.  Spent way too much time developing her.  From progression raiding, getting my mythical, getting Drunder Wear, to doing those endless quests in “The City of Freeport” – no way I would kill her off.  Snowilla now…  apparently I have a death wish with her.  But […]

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