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Busy Weekend

I had a really busy weekend!  I had to go to work to recover. Our middle child Micaela graduated from High School on Friday.  She’s a smart kid and did very well.  Here’s a picture of her with all her “bling”.  The gold medal is for “Texas Success Scholar” which is really just doing what […]

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Happy Birthday – to ME!

I don’t do much for a year. Most diets last a couple of weeks. Keeping the house spotless lasts about 2 days. But, Caela’s Corner is now a year old! And I think there was a post made every month. Some months were a little light – but here we are a year later and […]

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Snowilla’s Snowglobes

Snowilla received a snowglobe from Santa Glug this year.  That got her to thinking….  There must be more snowglobes!  And if your named Snowilla, and you are all white, and live in New Halas, and love the snow – maybe you should collect snowglobes from all over Norrath. Snowilla visited Santa Glug again, but only […]

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I have a dirty secret

I have seriously been writing this post over several days.  Over a week actually.  But I’ve been pretty busy playing the game!  I apologize before you start reading if it’s all disjointed. Wednesday and Friday I went out with the guild group on Caely and started work on the Skyshrine Quest Series.  We completed a […]

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I was gonna burst!

I thought I was gonna burst if the guys at EQ2Wire didn’t release their EQ2U soon.  It was becoming increasingly harder and harder to not want to post a link to my profile.  So now I can!   Take a look at Caely!   Now if I can just get them to make a signature […]

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Yummy Shards! More Drunder Wear!

The guild started the Kael Dominance quest on like Saturday.  I don’t think anyone actually did anything until Sunday though – going into Icy Shard Keep.  I missed out.  I went to bed at the unheard of hour of 8pm.  I was tired.  So Caely missed out on ISK.  Tuesday we did Throne of Storms […]

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