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Happy Birthday – to ME!

I don’t do much for a year. Most diets last a couple of weeks. Keeping the house spotless lasts about 2 days. But, Caela’s Corner is now a year old! And I think there was a post made every month. Some months were a little light – but here we are a year later and […]

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We interrupt absolutely nothing at all happening….

To bring you a halfling house! Found this image on the SOE forums about a new halfling house.  This is from Cloud Rat of the Test Server. I know I’m doing absolutely nothing in game right now.  I haven’t even logged on in a few weeks.  I actually thought about this past Monday and Tuesday […]

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Meh.  I really really really wanted to be excited about this GU.  But so far, I’ve been hit with a wall of  meh.  Not really about the game though.  I was on all of about 10 minutes.  It’s the entire logging on that has me in a standstill. Spring time at the Fizzletoes is very […]

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Sorry SOE

Normally, when it’s double/triple Station Cash weekend my husband and I will buy a bit.  We admit to really liking the fluffy things (and server copy/transfer tokens) in EQ2.  Caely is very vain, and needs new outfits on a regular basis.  Donald was even poking fun at how vain little Caely is the other day. […]

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I was gonna burst!

I thought I was gonna burst if the guys at EQ2Wire didn’t release their EQ2U soon.  It was becoming increasingly harder and harder to not want to post a link to my profile.  So now I can!   Take a look at Caely!   Now if I can just get them to make a signature […]

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