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Is Excitement in the Air?

Ok, so a whole lot of nothing has been going on lately.   Oh – the devs did fix the Pet Auto Attack – yay!   But other than that, bleh.  Just a long hot summer.  And tinkerfest is not even here yet – that’s the best part of the summer!  Come on Tinkerfest!  Give […]

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Febbi is not amused

Febbi is now a newly leveled 95 Provisioner.  After finding the perfect tradeskill UI she set about leveling up from 92 to 95.  Wasn’t hard.  At all.  And there are no tradeskill quests in this expansion – so that’s a little disappointing (Insert “I miss Domino” here). But I was excited to see what new food […]

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Snowilla saves Qeynos!

Well, at least that’s what she thinks she’s doing.  She’s a little Arasai with big plans! There is a little less than a month until Guild Wars 2 launches – and hubby got bored.  So he decided to dust off his “free 2 play” account.  He has a ton of toons on it.  A lvl […]

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Finished Underdepths!

Last night the guild group hit up Underdepths again.  This time, with some toon swapping, we were able to finish it.  The last mob was really cool, and despite dying repeatedly, I enjoyed it.  I even got a new cloak. With such poor parsing by my wizard Caely, despite having 320 AA, and a good […]

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I really miss Domino

So, I have been playing a bit, an I’ll get to Domino soon, but just hang on for the ride….  I’ve actually crammed a lot of doing in the past few days.  Friday I was up at the fields umping a game, and then headed over to our good friend’s house to help with graduation […]

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The Intertubes have failed me!

So last night was my one night this week with nothing going on.  I was planning to play EQ2.  But several times during the night, we ran out of the internets.  This started happening as soon as I got home – which I got home late because I went to get my tires rotated and […]

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I may have a gambling problem

This past week has been crazy busy, stressful, depressing, etc.  I have had no desire at all to play.  I completely missed out on the Moonlight Enchantments, and missed out on finishing some Erollisi stuff.  And barely took advantage of double xp. But what did I do?  I played the Lottery.  Booby prizes.  Well, actually […]

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You’re on your own kid!

I played very little last night – maybe a half hour.  Got on Caely, blew up two mobs in Kurn’s Tower and made 2 plat.  Can’t beat that!  But my evening was fairly stressful, and sometimes, killing things help.  And it did.  Caely go BOOooooOOOM! I then played the lottery – got a potion and […]

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Ten Rings to Rule Them All

Is that how it goes?  Ten rings to rule them all?  Guess I’m mixing up my franchises…. I learned about the Coldain Insignia Ring series the other night.  So Caely went about starting it.  Completing the Copper Coldain Ring finished an HQ for me, and got me an achievement.  Pretty cool for just harvesting some ice. […]

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All the Coffee You Can Drink!

Apparently Febbi is not too bright.  Or maybe she is, and she just likes to play favorites.  Or maybe she doesn’t like Caely and Flea – although, Flea is letting her crash at her place – rent free – and letting her use up all her materials for her personal harvesting depot.  Yeah – Febbi […]

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