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Flea Gets a Makeover

I’m really thinking of dusting off my conjuror.  Fleabaux was my first “main”.  This was back when the level cap was 70 – Kingdom of Sky era.  I actually raided with her some.  And she was decent.   Me and the raid’s necro would fight over the top of the parse.  Of course I don’t think […]

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Gear Head!

So, apparently, I’m a gear head now…       I logged into Caelila for the first time in months tonight.  I’m thinking about using the double xp holiday to get her to 95.  And I turned on her Ring of the Gnomish Tinkerer – which I do for all my gnomes….  and I noticed she […]

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Caelila Gets New Clothes!

What girl doesn’t like new clothes?  My new little troub got decked out last night.  Well, decked out in year and a half old stuff that was better than she was wearing. I went on a little AA session with a guild group.  It was my gimpy troub and an illusionist.  So of course we […]

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A Toon of a Different Tune

I want you to meet Caelila.  She’s my “newest” toon.  She’s really  not all that new.  Back in 2009 I started playing on Nagafen, the PvP server.  Now, normally I would never play PvP – but I had a group of friends that were on that server that had created their own guild…  Noob Herd. […]

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I have been especially slacking at EQ2 lately.  Not that that isn’t unusual this time of year.  But what is unusual is that I don’t want to be slacking.  I would rather be playing EQ2 than doing what I am currently doing, which is dealing with the realities of managing a youth sports league. I […]

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Snowilla Visits Kelethin

Snowilla decided to go to the Kelethin City Festival.  She was not real sure what to expect, but she was hoping to score a mailbox, and maybe something for the house – umm, I’m not sure she realizes she doesn’t have a house yet. She tried to do some harvesting for the festival guys, but […]

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I Cheated the Lottery!

The Lottery was kind to guild members today.  Someone got a colossal reactant – which reminded me I needed to play the Lottery on the Febs.  Of course, I got booby prizes.  But my husband hit the lottery and got his first colossal reactant!  And because he doesn’t like sleeping on the couch, he gave […]

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Vanity, thy name is Purple!

If SOE made a glob of poop in the color of purple, I swear Caely would force me to buy it.  Caely loves all things purple, and has a pretty big collection.  When I was on the Freeport server we had a player that ran contests – I think he still does – Lord Colby […]

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