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Adored part 2

I got all adored again today…  Err, I mean adorned. And I got me some good wizarding advice for Caely. I upgraded much of my gear.  I’m in a good many pieces of Drunder Wear now and a few new jewelry pieces.  So I was missing a lot of adornments.  I added some white adornments […]

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I’m Dreaming of a Coldain Prayer Shawl

WooHoo!  I am now on step 4 of the What Dreams May Come  HQ.  Which means I managed to remember to do a daily foregmaster faction quest enough times to get enough faction for the NPC to talk to me.    I’ve heard the quest is fairly difficult.  And you can’t make a mistake when […]

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I should be crafting

I’ve got this entire Saturday to myself.  So I thought I would have a nice long EQ2 session. I’ve been fairly productive.  Febbi did her crafting chores – only she couldn’t do the daily forgemaster faction quest.  It requires being able to harvest, and she doesn’t have the skill.  I’m sure I could get her […]

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