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Meet Jumjumm!

Jumjumm is the baby of the family with the lowest level.  She was born on December 16, 2011.  I’m pretty sure she was made on Butcherblock while I waited for my toons on Freeport to transfer back home.  She gave me something fun to play.  I’ve always wanted to play a healer, and I heard […]

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Flea Gets a Makeover

I’m really thinking of dusting off my conjuror.  Fleabaux was my first “main”.  This was back when the level cap was 70 – Kingdom of Sky era.  I actually raided with her some.  And she was decent.   Me and the raid’s necro would fight over the top of the parse.  Of course I don’t think […]

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Gear Head!

So, apparently, I’m a gear head now…       I logged into Caelila for the first time in months tonight.  I’m thinking about using the double xp holiday to get her to 95.  And I turned on her Ring of the Gnomish Tinkerer – which I do for all my gnomes….  and I noticed she […]

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Productive Weekend

I had a very productive weekend.  I took the day off on Friday – which is a good thing, as I felt pretty crappy all day.  My oldest went off to college for the weekend – doing color guard auditions.  I think at this point it’s really just for the incoming freshman, and the others […]

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Yummy Shards! More Drunder Wear!

The guild started the Kael Dominance quest on like Saturday.  I don’t think anyone actually did anything until Sunday though – going into Icy Shard Keep.  I missed out.  I went to bed at the unheard of hour of 8pm.  I was tired.  So Caely missed out on ISK.  Tuesday we did Throne of Storms […]

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