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Everything I Ever Wanted to Know About Terrors of Thalumbra

Everything I ever wanted to know about Terrors of Thumbalina errr Thumbra… no…  Thulumbra – still not right. Old habits die hard…  Ok – Everything  I (or maybe even you) ever wanted to know about Terrors of Thalumbra!   I still get a squiggly red line under it when I’m writing.  I just say Thumbalina […]

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Really digging the healer these days.   But I really needed my mythical spell. I think it will be great to have another group cure.  I was able to knock it out this weekend.  Did the vast majority of it solo – only need a guild friend for the last three zones. But this epic […]

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Busy Weekend

I had a really busy weekend!  I had to go to work to recover. Our middle child Micaela graduated from High School on Friday.  She’s a smart kid and did very well.  Here’s a picture of her with all her “bling”.  The gold medal is for “Texas Success Scholar” which is really just doing what […]

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Caelien gets a makeover

Since I enjoyed playing Caelien so much, I thought I would get her some new gear.  I had a ton of obols, and a fair amount of spirits – so I logged on Flea and went shopping.  Caelien has not completed the signature quest – so she depends on other kind souls like Flea to […]

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As I meditate on what I did wrong…

I had fun in raid today. And I’m still raiding on Flea – as she is so much better than Caely could be.  I think I was just born to be a conjuror.   The raid could have been very frustrating, but it wasn’t.  We were trying to kill Oligar of the Dead in challenge […]

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Getting Back

The past two weeks have been sorta crazy for me.  I signed up with the Butcherblock Guild Alliance in order to raid a little.  They seem like a good bunch.  But right after I signed up, I found out my dad was very sick. He has had Lymphoma for the past year.  Did 6 rounds […]

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The Mortal Champion: Fleabeaux!

I have been so slacking at updating the blog.  Partly because I used to update it at work, and now I actually have to work at work  – and weekends are getting busier. But Flea finished the long ass signature quest and got the cloak! So that makes her happy.  She’s also parsing pretty dang […]

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Flea Fails

Whew!  It’s been a while since I made a post.  I’m still playing EQ2 – nearly every day – though that’s slowing down a bit.  I’m getting into one of our busier times of the year.  But still manage to log on nearly every night – but don’t always get to do a group. With […]

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All About Obols

By far, the most frequent thing people are searching for in the last month is how to get obols.  I’m a little obol obsessed myself.  But the obols are not the problem.  Those you can get easy enough.  It’s the spirit and essences that are hard to get. Obols can drop off any mob in […]

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New Profession – Obol Farmer

Last night was a rather “dead” guild night.  Not many people on until fairly late in the evening.  We normally get a group going by 7pm central time – sometimes later, sometimes earlier.  So I spent some time last night farming obols.  I’m now an obol farmer. I had heard the best drop rate was […]

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