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Everything I Ever Wanted to Know About Terrors of Thalumbra

Everything I ever wanted to know about Terrors of Thumbalina errr Thumbra… no…  Thulumbra – still not right. Old habits die hard…  Ok – Everything  I (or maybe even you) ever wanted to know about Terrors of Thalumbra!   I still get a squiggly red line under it when I’m writing.  I just say Thumbalina […]

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Topping the Parse

I admit it.  I really really really like to be at the top of the parse.   During guild groups I have no problems being the top of the parse.  I did freak the guild group out a bit the other day when I renamed my pet “Fleapet” and I was no longer at the […]

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Pet Auto Fail

A while back a new pet option was added – Auto Assist.  I’m not sure if it ever worked.  But recently the forums have discovered it is worthless at best, or just plain broken. I only recently discovered the option as I was using an old UI.  When I updated my UI, I saw the […]

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My Birthday Present!

I’m sure SOE did this just for me.  Game Update 66 – it happens to be going live on my birthday.  Which means I don’t even get to play with it on the go live date.  I’m celebrating my birthday by going to a Texas Rangers baseball game.  Yu Darvish is supposed to pitch.  Should […]

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All About Obols

By far, the most frequent thing people are searching for in the last month is how to get obols.  I’m a little obol obsessed myself.  But the obols are not the problem.  Those you can get easy enough.  It’s the spirit and essences that are hard to get. Obols can drop off any mob in […]

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New Profession – Obol Farmer

Last night was a rather “dead” guild night.  Not many people on until fairly late in the evening.  We normally get a group going by 7pm central time – sometimes later, sometimes earlier.  So I spent some time last night farming obols.  I’m now an obol farmer. I had heard the best drop rate was […]

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All your obol are belong to me!

I am probably the last person on BB to finish that long ass quest on their main…  but I finally did it last night.  Now, when we go on guild runs, I can steal everyone’s obols.  I don’t think anyone is too worried though since my dice suck. The Obol Plains part of the signature […]

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I win!

Thought I would take advantage of the double xp weekend and finish up my crafting on Caely.  It was pretty easy with the potion of progress – took no time at all to do the writs.  But then I ran out.  So I tried the various other potions for success – and they were just […]

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A Tale of Two Games

Ok, really it’s a tale of no game.  I haven’t been playing either GW2 or EQ2 in much quantity lately. I did log into EQ2 last weekend – Saturday I believe.  I got my purple unicorn – and it is snazzy. When I logged on there was a guild member needing help – there were […]

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(Gasp) Guild Wars 2 is not perfect!

I don’t want to complain – and it’s really not a complaint, just a desire to make the game perfect but there are a few things that bug me – mostly guild related: Lack of community – no notification when someone logs on or off or does something good. While it might not seem like […]

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