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The Ultimate, EQ2, Everything on One Page, Crafting Resource Resource

I found myself going to a few different sites and digging through links to find list of different crafting resources.  What rare did I need to make a lvl 54 spell?  What materials do I need for a lvl 60 adornment?  How about the fuel?  And what is this sparkling foundation I just harvested? What […]

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What I did for Thanksgiving Vacation

I played a lot of EQ2!  Well, I should say, I clicked a lot in EQ2. I tested out some of the refining abilities.  And I could not stop myself.  For three days I refined stacks and stacks of common harvests.  You can read all about refining in my write up Refining 101.  Like over […]

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Adventures in Cooking

I am well aware that it has been a while since I last made a post.  The truth is, I’m too busy playing GW2!  This is really a fun game.  And one of the things I particularly like is the crafting system.  It’s not just a bunch of grinding to get levels. In every MMO […]

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