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Wee Hours Update

It’s 1:38am.  I’m not really sleepy. I have been playing EQ2 once again.  Played a tiny bit on Friday and Saturday, and for a long while on Sunday.  I almost said “today” – but *today* is already Monday. During the mid portion of the week, I found myself bored in the evenings.  Reruns of Grey’s […]

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The Good and the Bad

My level of stress is pretty high these days.  And little things send me over the edge. Today that little thing was a coffee cup.  Sitting right there in the sink of our break room.  I am usually the only one that puts the dishes in the dish washer and runs it.  I don’t really […]

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EQ2Talk – Making Work Fun

Part of my real life job is mindless data entry.  Luckily, I only have to do it once a week – but, because of a change in process and the holidays, I’m behind – so I’ve been doing this mindless data entry for hours straight this week.  I am almost done! But to keep me […]

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