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Flea Fails

Whew!  It’s been a while since I made a post.  I’m still playing EQ2 – nearly every day – though that’s slowing down a bit.  I’m getting into one of our busier times of the year.  But still manage to log on nearly every night – but don’t always get to do a group. With […]

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Erollisi Day is coming!

Denmother at EQ2Traders has an Erollisi Day teaser for us!  Lots of great house items for decorating and a new outfit!  And most of these are craftable. I’m in love with the wine bottles…  Jumjumm will need those for her house.   The formal attire is also very nice and detailed – Kaitheel says there […]

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Movin’ on Up!

Before we get to the main post, let me just say that I’m going to kiss a developer!  Unless they are a dwarf – then no kissing.  I’m holding out kissing a dwarf for a Guild Broker that will only sell to guild members (or friends of the guild).  But….  SOE is putting in a […]

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A Tale of Two Games

Ok, really it’s a tale of no game.  I haven’t been playing either GW2 or EQ2 in much quantity lately. I did log into EQ2 last weekend – Saturday I believe.  I got my purple unicorn – and it is snazzy. When I logged on there was a guild member needing help – there were […]

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Dungeon Maker Take 2

Wednesday night, as we were doing faction grinding in SkyShrine (who thought that up??? ugh!) a guild member mentioned he was mad at me.  Mad at me? Sweet little, disease spreading, adorable, purple, gnome me? (yeah, that’s probably a misuse of commas)  Seems I had given him the idea of going into Dungeon Maker to […]

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Productive Weekend

I had a very productive weekend.  I took the day off on Friday – which is a good thing, as I felt pretty crappy all day.  My oldest went off to college for the weekend – doing color guard auditions.  I think at this point it’s really just for the incoming freshman, and the others […]

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I have been especially slacking at EQ2 lately.  Not that that isn’t unusual this time of year.  But what is unusual is that I don’t want to be slacking.  I would rather be playing EQ2 than doing what I am currently doing, which is dealing with the realities of managing a youth sports league. I […]

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Too much candy!

I’ve been very busy (and way stressed out) in real life to be able to play much EQ2 this past week.  I’ve gotten very little accomplished in game.  I’m not sure I even played The Lottery last night. Except for candy overload. Caely has been farming the Shard of Love Erollisi instance for candies.  The […]

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I’m Sexy and I Know It

It’s Valentine’s Day!  Last year Donald gave me flowers.  I actually got flowers twice last year.  Once after I had been sick and had just a really tough week, and then again on Valentine’s Day.  Maybe even on my birthday too.  I’m not sure – but he was really good with the flowers last year. […]

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Data Overload!

We will soon be overloaded with data from SOE.  This is not a bad thing.  Not only is EQ2 putting out their updated version of EQ2Players, but third party fan sites also have different offerings in the works. EQ2U – from EQ2Wire.  Luckily, I’m a guild member with Check (Dethdlr at EQ2Wire) and have been […]

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