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Trying out a healer

I’m a mage.  I’ve dabbled as a dirge once.  I actually played a dirge for like a year and even raided a little bit with her.  But I was a “stand there and look pretty” dirge – which I was really good at.  But for the most part, I’ve always played a mage. At one […]

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As I meditate on what I did wrong…

I had fun in raid today. And I’m still raiding on Flea – as she is so much better than Caely could be.  I think I was just born to be a conjuror.   The raid could have been very frustrating, but it wasn’t.  We were trying to kill Oligar of the Dead in challenge […]

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Getting Back

The past two weeks have been sorta crazy for me.  I signed up with the Butcherblock Guild Alliance in order to raid a little.  They seem like a good bunch.  But right after I signed up, I found out my dad was very sick. He has had Lymphoma for the past year.  Did 6 rounds […]

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