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The Pink Cash Cow

Everyone loves the meatbeast.  It has taken on mythical proportions at this point.   And then, to make it a mount.  Oh my.  And then to make it pink! I don’t think anyone realize just how much players really wanted to ride around on a pink spotted cow.  But I know I wanted one.  I was waiting until April […]

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The Good and the Bad

My level of stress is pretty high these days.  And little things send me over the edge. Today that little thing was a coffee cup.  Sitting right there in the sink of our break room.  I am usually the only one that puts the dishes in the dish washer and runs it.  I don’t really […]

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The EQ2 Land Mine!

No, not some scary new zone….  and no amount of crit mit gear is going to protect you…  the EQ2 land mine is the forums!  Everywhere you step in there someone is exploding… going on about the latest travesty that the devs pushed upon us poor hapless gamers.  Today, it was fertilizer.  Yes, tiny little […]

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