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Guild Night is Back!

Had so much fun last night with the guild.  We decided Wednesday was a good time for us all to get together and do some mass killing.  We pre-arranged to all be on at 7-ish.  Around 6:30 I tried to log on and the servers were down.  But luckily they came up before 7 and […]

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SOE Live Bound!

I’m pretty excited about August.  I know, it’s hot.  And it’s even hotter in Vegas – but for the first time ever, we’re going to SOE Live.     Looking at the attendees so far, I see lots of familiar names – and AoV is really representing this year!  Very excited to get to meet […]

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Sneaking back in, the return of the gnome

Or the Rat… I’ve pretty much taken off the past 4 months from the game.  I’m not entirely sure why – but just felt I needed a break.   And apparently I wasn’t the only one that decided to take a break – seems the entire server population took a hit. But for the past […]

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Discount Code for SOE Live

I’ve been playing EQsomething for over 12 years.  I’ve always dreamed of going to SOE Live/Fan Faire – but it never worked out.  But here’s my chance! I can give you a discount code for $20 off your All Access Pass – and if you use my code, I earn a free trip! Here’s the […]

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