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Pet Auto Fail

A while back a new pet option was added – Auto Assist.  I’m not sure if it ever worked.  But recently the forums have discovered it is worthless at best, or just plain broken. I only recently discovered the option as I was using an old UI.  When I updated my UI, I saw the […]

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I’m Famous!

While I haven’t hit the new content yet, I’ve heard the first mob in Siren’s Grotto is named Caella.  Which is close enough to Caela. What’s an extra L 🙂  I’ve used the nickname Caela since 2000 and EQ1. I’m Caela on the official EQ2 forums – and pretty much anything EQ2 related if there […]

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The Pink Cash Cow

Everyone loves the meatbeast.  It has taken on mythical proportions at this point.   And then, to make it a mount.  Oh my.  And then to make it pink! I don’t think anyone realize just how much players really wanted to ride around on a pink spotted cow.  But I know I wanted one.  I was waiting until April […]

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The Mortal Champion: Fleabeaux!

I have been so slacking at updating the blog.  Partly because I used to update it at work, and now I actually have to work at work  – and weekends are getting busier. But Flea finished the long ass signature quest and got the cloak! So that makes her happy.  She’s also parsing pretty dang […]

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Game Balance Conundrum

I’ve played a good bit on Snowilla, who is my lvl 24 Coercer.  To make her a little more interesting to play, I’ve decided that she’s on her own, with little help from her older “siblings”.  So she does not share any money, rares, hand me downs, etc.  The only thing I’ll share are shinies, […]

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Qeynos: You can go home again

I logged into the Test Server last night for a peak at the new Qeynos.  And I was disappointed. But then I realized it had been a long time sin ce I had actually been to Qeynos on the live server, so I decided to take a look at both of them. I think I, […]

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Wee Hours Update

It’s 1:38am.  I’m not really sleepy. I have been playing EQ2 once again.  Played a tiny bit on Friday and Saturday, and for a long while on Sunday.  I almost said “today” – but *today* is already Monday. During the mid portion of the week, I found myself bored in the evenings.  Reruns of Grey’s […]

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Sorry SOE

Normally, when it’s double/triple Station Cash weekend my husband and I will buy a bit.  We admit to really liking the fluffy things (and server copy/transfer tokens) in EQ2.  Caely is very vain, and needs new outfits on a regular basis.  Donald was even poking fun at how vain little Caely is the other day. […]

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Killing Caely

Ok, not really!  I would never actually kill off Caely.  Spent way too much time developing her.  From progression raiding, getting my mythical, getting Drunder Wear, to doing those endless quests in “The City of Freeport” – no way I would kill her off.  Snowilla now…  apparently I have a death wish with her.  But […]

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Data Overload!

We will soon be overloaded with data from SOE.  This is not a bad thing.  Not only is EQ2 putting out their updated version of EQ2Players, but third party fan sites also have different offerings in the works. EQ2U – from EQ2Wire.  Luckily, I’m a guild member with Check (Dethdlr at EQ2Wire) and have been […]

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