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The Pink Cash Cow

Everyone loves the meatbeast.  It has taken on mythical proportions at this point.   And then, to make it a mount.  Oh my.  And then to make it pink! I don’t think anyone realize just how much players really wanted to ride around on a pink spotted cow.  But I know I wanted one.  I was waiting until April […]

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Flea Gets a Makeover

I’m really thinking of dusting off my conjuror.  Fleabaux was my first “main”.  This was back when the level cap was 70 – Kingdom of Sky era.  I actually raided with her some.  And she was decent.   Me and the raid’s necro would fight over the top of the parse.  Of course I don’t think […]

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Caelila Gets New Clothes!

What girl doesn’t like new clothes?  My new little troub got decked out last night.  Well, decked out in year and a half old stuff that was better than she was wearing. I went on a little AA session with a guild group.  It was my gimpy troub and an illusionist.  So of course we […]

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Remember that dirty little secret?

I got so excited last post that I completely forgot about my dirty little secret. I was chatting with the guild a while back and I told them I felt dirty (which got the guys interest at least).  I told them I used those “hero edge” items.  When they had the 1/2 price sale I […]

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Wee Hours Update

It’s 1:38am.  I’m not really sleepy. I have been playing EQ2 once again.  Played a tiny bit on Friday and Saturday, and for a long while on Sunday.  I almost said “today” – but *today* is already Monday. During the mid portion of the week, I found myself bored in the evenings.  Reruns of Grey’s […]

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We interrupt absolutely nothing at all happening….

To bring you a halfling house! Found this image on the SOE forums about a new halfling house.  This is from Cloud Rat of the Test Server. I know I’m doing absolutely nothing in game right now.  I haven’t even logged on in a few weeks.  I actually thought about this past Monday and Tuesday […]

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Sorry SOE

Normally, when it’s double/triple Station Cash weekend my husband and I will buy a bit.  We admit to really liking the fluffy things (and server copy/transfer tokens) in EQ2.  Caely is very vain, and needs new outfits on a regular basis.  Donald was even poking fun at how vain little Caely is the other day. […]

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Vanity, thy name is Purple!

If SOE made a glob of poop in the color of purple, I swear Caely would force me to buy it.  Caely loves all things purple, and has a pretty big collection.  When I was on the Freeport server we had a player that ran contests – I think he still does – Lord Colby […]

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I’m addicted

There.  I admitted it. I like Station Cash.  I buy stuff like mushroom hats, purple ponies, and bad ass dark elf heritage armor.  I’ve also been known to drop a small fortune on character copies, and then to transfer those same toons back to their old server. But at least I don’t pay full price […]

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