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What I did for Thanksgiving Vacation

I played a lot of EQ2!  Well, I should say, I clicked a lot in EQ2. I tested out some of the refining abilities.  And I could not stop myself.  For three days I refined stacks and stacks of common harvests.  You can read all about refining in my write up Refining 101.  Like over […]

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I really miss Domino

So, I have been playing a bit, an I’ll get to Domino soon, but just hang on for the ride….  I’ve actually crammed a lot of doing in the past few days.  Friday I was up at the fields umping a game, and then headed over to our good friend’s house to help with graduation […]

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Wee Hours Update

It’s 1:38am.  I’m not really sleepy. I have been playing EQ2 once again.  Played a tiny bit on Friday and Saturday, and for a long while on Sunday.  I almost said “today” – but *today* is already Monday. During the mid portion of the week, I found myself bored in the evenings.  Reruns of Grey’s […]

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I am Jello!

I’ve been trying to exercise more – which also limits my play time even further.  I’ll get back to playing someday… I do plan to check out GU63 next week. But we have a one mile walking loop in a park very close to our house.  I’ve now walked it three times.  I’m planning on […]

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And…. We’re back!

Sorry for the extended absence.  Lots of changes going on in my world the last couple of weeks.  We moved.  Still same general area, but it was a fairly huge ordeal for me.  I’ve moved a lot in my life (23 times in 24 years)  and this was by far the most traumatic move. We were […]

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Oh Deers…

I swear, she knows better….  But enjoy this video from Hannah – my oldest.  It was great getting to see her in San Antonio last weekend.     Little does she know we are not paying for the peeps. We have family coming into town this weekend, and board meetings and I don’t think we […]

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The Intertubes have failed me!

So last night was my one night this week with nothing going on.  I was planning to play EQ2.  But several times during the night, we ran out of the internets.  This started happening as soon as I got home – which I got home late because I went to get my tires rotated and […]

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I may have a gambling problem

This past week has been crazy busy, stressful, depressing, etc.  I have had no desire at all to play.  I completely missed out on the Moonlight Enchantments, and missed out on finishing some Erollisi stuff.  And barely took advantage of double xp. But what did I do?  I played the Lottery.  Booby prizes.  Well, actually […]

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Not So Super Sunday

First, let’s back up to Saturday. My talented daughters had contests on Saturday.  Micaela, had her alto sax UIL Solo contest.  It was in a town about a half hour away.  She’s a new driver, but I thought with written directions and GPS on her phone, she would be fine driving there.  Plus, the rest […]

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You Get Better at Soloing (5/450)

Ok, my soloing skills are a little better than that! I’ve never been one to like soloing – much prefer going with a group.  I like the game to socialize and talk to other people. But I spent a good bit of time on Saturday on Caely doing the Othmir and Snowfang Gnolls questlines – I […]

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