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The Real Life of Friday Nights!

A little diversion from my usual blather about EQ2.  This is what I do on most Friday nights in the fall:  Watch high school football. All three of my daughters are or have been in the band.  As was I in high school.  And my parents set a good example – they were always there […]

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Do I smell something?

I made an adorable little Asura – named of course Caela – and she’s all decked out in purple.  While in battle mode, she makes this cute little animation where she sniffs around her…  It’s entirely too cute.  Here’s a video I made – and yes, I fully realize it’s pretty poor.  I need to […]

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Throw Down!

So, Donald and I went out playing with our little babies…  Snowilla – lvl 10 coercer, and Rataboom, lvl 10 wizard. He challenged me to a duel – of which I could not refuse…  Took me three times, but I finally killed him.  I really thought I would do better. You can read about it […]

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