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Caely the Wonder Warlock!

Ok, she’s not that wonderful.  I have no idea how she does on a parse.  I’m sure her DPS is not that great.  But I took a screen shot of her in all her gnome glory.   I think I’ll try to work on her some more.  I went through some of her gear, and […]

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Guild Night is Back!

Had so much fun last night with the guild.  We decided Wednesday was a good time for us all to get together and do some mass killing.  We pre-arranged to all be on at 7-ish.  Around 6:30 I tried to log on and the servers were down.  But luckily they came up before 7 and […]

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Dungeon Maker Take 2

Wednesday night, as we were doing faction grinding in SkyShrine (who thought that up??? ugh!) a guild member mentioned he was mad at me.  Mad at me? Sweet little, disease spreading, adorable, purple, gnome me? (yeah, that’s probably a misuse of commas)  Seems I had given him the idea of going into Dungeon Maker to […]

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Back to Warlock School

Monday night Caely had her first night in a group fighting as a warlock.  It was fun.  A few things I liked a lot better than the wizard – first I seem to have a few useful spells other than just nuking the crap out of a mob. I’ve got some spells that prevent me […]

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Doing Good, Evil Style

So I’ve always thought of Wizards as good, Warlocks evil.  I don’t think they were even originally set up that way.  But my very first toon Caela was a warlock on the good side.  She never amounted to much – I think she’s lvl 64ish.  She was created at game launch, and did her first […]

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