Ten Rings to Rule Them All

Is that how it goes?  Ten rings to rule them all?  Guess I’m mixing up my franchises….

I learned about the Coldain Insignia Ring series the other night.  So Caely went about starting it.  Completing the Copper Coldain Ring finished an HQ for me, and got me an achievement.  Pretty cool for just harvesting some ice.    It highlighted the fact that I have done precious few HQ’s.  The achievement I earned was History Buff – complete 5 HQ’s.   So I think I need to go back and hit some HQ’s.  I have one retired toon that has done all the HQ’s that were in the original release.  Hmmmm – that reminds me, I hate long ass quests.  And that’s what HQ’s are – long ass quests.  But they usually have some pretty good rewards.  The Manastone is something everyone should have – earned by completing Stiletto’s Orders Intercepted  – getting the quest is the hardest part.

The guild is working on the Kael Dominance quest – and we went into Throne of Storms last night.  While waiting for a guildmate, we headed to Eastern Waste to get my pelt updates for the Coldain Ring.  Was able to get them pretty quick with the help of the guild.  I had been out there previously, rooting, nuking, getting hit, nuking for quiet some time and had not seen a single pelt drop.  Having a group go slaughter the beasts made pretty quick work of the task.  So now I’m on the Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring  – it takes a group to go into Tower of Frozen Shadows and kill the first mob.  I think there is another guildmate on that quest now.

We did eventually make it to Throne of Storms – and for some odd reason, I topped the parse in a fight or two.  I told the group the parse was obviously very wrong – I didn’t even have my fancy food equiped.  Apparently, everyone else was slacking 🙂   I got a couple of very nice jewelry pieces that were upgrades.  I got Sash of Utter Destruction, Vorkin’s Ring, and Blood Pearl Ring.  I’m going to have to head over to Dethdlr’s Adornment Calculator and figure out some new adornments.

I played The Lottery on the Feb’s – booby prizes all around.

All in all, The Lottery withstanding, it was a good night.  Hopefully I can finish up the Kael Dominance quest this week, as I am in desperate need of shards.



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