The Beta Blues

I wanted to do my part by testing out the content on Beta.  I copied two toons over – Febbi, my lvl 95 provisioner, and Fleabeaus, my lvl 95 conjuror/woodworker.  I thought between the two I could get a feel for the changes.

Bad idea.

I patched the client and logged in.  I checked to see who was online… 7 people.  Including me.  No one was in chat.  No one belonged to a guild.

So I decided to try out the new Daily Objectives.  The “travel to locations” updated quickly by just moving through the city of Qeynos.  So I thought I would do some writs.  Found the writ giver, but couldn’t find a woodworking table – so I went down in to the crafting dungeon.  Bought some fuel, found my work order, and found a table.  I was out of lumber.  Went to the broker.  No lumber was on the broker.  Thought I would just go harvest some.  Headed to Cobalt Scar – I could get some lumber, and I knew they had a table I could use.  Only it was really dark.  And my settings had all the flora turned on – so had to mess with the UI a bit.  Couldn’t find any lumber nodes.  Thought I would use the prestige harvest tracking ability.   My tracking ability was on the first level – not useful enough to actually find stuff – I needed to respec and bonus,  I could check out the AA templates.

What a mess.  All my AA’s got wiped out – I did manage to get the harvesting ability to 5, and added crafting stations so I wouldn’t have to search for a table – but I didn’t feel like respending all the other 320 AA’s just so I could craft.   So I set out to find some lumber.  Had to go through a bit of agro – fought them off.  Multiple times.  And then I see the lumber node… and just as I get to it.. bam, one shotted.  Dead.  I gave up at that point.

I think I’m going to re-copy my toons, but this time stock them up with raws so that I can craft.  Oh – and I’ll need to grab my tradeskill apprentice.  I tried to get a new one, no bueno.  I already have one – but she’s stuck in Happle’s house – and he’s not on Beta – so I couldn’t see the my tradeskill apprentice either.


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