The Booby Prize

I may be the last person in Norrath to still be doing the daily tradeskill apprentice quest.  I don’t really have a need for the gear from the recipes, but I do like a few of the potions:

By far my favorite is the Potion of Progress.  This makes crafting fast and fun by increasing progress by 200.  I use them when leveling up my tradeskillers, and when doing the tradeskill missions (which are great xp from 50-70).  I also use them when doing writs – I can usually get through about 3 writs with one potion.

Second favorite is the Potion of Innovation.  These will instantly complete a combine at the end of the first tick – so it takes 6 seconds to create something.  If you have a good UI (I recommend DarqUI) in which you just have to hit enter twice to repeat the recipe, you can complete 3 combines for one potion.  These are great for those 3 combine writs (which is why I hate to do alchemy writs!).  But these potions seem to be more rare than the others.

There are other potions:

The bountiful harvest is nice when you are out looking for rares.  But the other potions are not of much use.  The hastened learning only gives a little boost to xp, and I haven’t found either success potion to have a meaningful effect when creating items.

There is of course the occasional reactant – I think I’ve gotten 4 colossal reactants in my lifetime.  Other tiers are a little more generous, and I have several in each tier.  And the gear they make is still relevant, especially if it is experimented on.

But the thing I get the most is the booby prize!  Twenty of the same tier common.  All too often I get some sort of food item, and I’m not even sure why.   I do the quests in hope of getting one of the good potions, but I will


usually get the booby prize instead.  A “thanks for playing, here is something that’s not really good, but hey, you got rewarded” prize.

There are some days that I go through all gazillion of my apprentices and get nothing but boobies.  But just when I think that’s all I’ll get, I’ll get something good, like a potion of progress.  I covet those potions of progress so much, I’m actually disappointed when I get a reactant!  Oh, #firstworldproblems.


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