The EQ2 Land Mine!

No, not some scary new zone….  and no amount of crit mit gear is going to protect you…  the EQ2 land mine is the forums!  Everywhere you step in there someone is exploding… going on about the latest travesty that the devs pushed upon us poor hapless gamers.  Today, it was fertilizer.  Yes, tiny little bags of crap…  err poo.  I don’t mind using the word crap to mean sub-par stuff, but I don’t like to use it to refer to actual poo.  But well, they are little tiny bags of… well, you get the drift.

Apparently, SOE decided to remove the ability to put “vendor fodder” for sale on the broker.  An unintended consequence was that the looted fertilizer also got tagged.  The initial reason for this change was sound.  Improve broker performance, weed out the junk, and develop a “sell all junk” button – and it was player requested.  Rothgar did it on his own.

But a simple mistake had people jumping off the ledge.   They decided SOE did it on purpose, to screw with the players.  Threads titled “How about you let us sell / buy fertilizer again?”  as if SOE intentionally decided no one should be able to buy or sell fertilizer.

This is but one example.  I hope that the complainers are all on the forums, while the folks that just want to have fun playing a game are actually in the game playing.  Sometimes I wonder if you hate the game so much, why are you still playing?

Eh.. that’s my rant for the day.  I ran out of chocolate.


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