The Extra Long Weekend

It was a weekend that had at least two weekends worth of stuff crammed into it.  In fact, I am taking two days off work to recuperate from this weekend.

First we had kickball!  We had a coach/umpire clinic.  Luckily I wasn’t in charge of it – I just had to show up.  We had a great turn out and I was proud of my league’s volunteers.  We then had divisional parent meetings.  I think I’m a terrible “public speaker” but Donald thinks I do an ok job at it.  I think I got a little soap boxy at one point going on and on about how youth sports are so great for girls…

After a full day of kickball – we then drove 5 hours to San Antonio to see Hannah perform for 5 minutes.  We also managed to spend about an hour with her afterwards, which was really  nice.  She seems to be doing good in school.

Here is their show – Hannah actually got to touch – and throw a rifle!

After we drove around for what seemed like hours trying to find where Hannah needed to go and then where our hotel was, we finally were in bed around 2am.    One of my longest days ever.

We “slept in” (7am for me!) and headed home – stopping in Austin for a district kickball meeting.  Was great putting faces with names, since I normally don’t get to see those people.

So it was a very long weekend, and I’m looking forward to my two days off – in fact Monday, I hope to do nothing at all – saving errands for Tuesday.

And as  you can imagine – no time at all for EQ2… maybe Monday!

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