The Fizzletoes take on Tyria!

Guild Wars 2 launches in just a few days.  I pre-purchased the game about a week ago – too late for the Beta Weekend Events – though I was in the very first beta and hubby let me play for about 10 minutes in another beta.  I’ve played just long enough to worry about being able to play.  I’m very set in my ways.  I play in 1st person – which I know is very odd.  No one plays in 1st person – just me.  I get that.  But at least in EQ2 I have the choice.  I’m also pretty set on how I use a mouse and keyboard – I like to use the arrow keys – in combination with the mouse – it’s fairly erratic in that sense – but I mostly use the arrow keys to turn and run.  This was disastrous for the 20 minutes I’ve played GW2. Hubby thinks we can remap the keys to help me.  I refuse to use WASD keys to move – that’s just unnatural to me.  As unnatural as having virtual eyeballs floating above my head…

But I’ve been trying to learn about the game.  Listening to a few podcasts – Tales of Tyria and The Siege.  We listened to the Siege while driving back from SFA on Sunday.  Hubby said some of the things they said were wrong.  So they don’t seem all that experienced.  I don’t hold that against them though – poor Delmon and Ali are often wrong on EQ2 (or sometimes say they don’t know, which is totally cool too).  But it did seem a little over produced.  I would listen to it again though.  Listened to two Tales of Tyria – they seem ok – Seem very knowledgeable – they did a “game show” – in a  Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me style, but not nearly as funny (really, go listen to WWDTM – it’s amazing!) I ended up learning a lot of some game basics with their little game show.

I’ve been reading up too…

My new obsession – Reddit has a GW2 subreddit – can always find something interesting to read there

Massive Info on GW2 – you can’t read it in one sitting – just info over load!

Jerich’s Crafting Guide – looks good, but loading very slowly – have not read this yet

Salad’s Crafting Guide – I read this on my phone going to SFA – I need to go back and watch the videos.

Darkstar’s Guide – looks pretty

I’m sure even with all that reading, I won’t have a clue what to do.

We’ve been invited to join a guild of other EQ2 players.  That will be nice to have someone to ask questions to that can put it in an EQ2 perspective.  My initial plans are to play an Asura Elementalist – though I think I need to look into the necromancer too.  I also am fond of the Sylvari race.  Maybe I’ll make one of each.  The crafting looks very interesting too.  I may spend a good bit of my time crafting.  You can have two crafts at one time – and you can exchange them for other crafts – you just have to pay a fee.  But you don’t forget the knowledge of the previous craft – you just can’t make anything from it – you can always exchange it back and pick up where you left off.  I know the cooking looks/sounds hard – but I’ve been a chef in every game I’ve ever played.  So I’m up for the challenge.  Also trying to decide between Artificer and Tailor for my second.  I think both will be useful.  Maybe me and Hubby should coordinate in that regard.

I’m sure for the first couple of weeks I’ll spend a lot of time playing GW2 – but EQ2 will be my first love.  My plan is to play 1-2 days a week with Hubby in GW2, and the rest of my time in EQ2 – probably do GW2 on weekends.  So the Fizzletoes are alive and well in EQ2 – not going away any time soon – just taking a small EQ2 break and finding our way in GW2 for a while.





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