The Good and the Bad

My level of stress is pretty high these days.  And little things send me over the edge.

Today that little thing was a coffee cup.  Sitting right there in the sink of our break room.  I am usually the only one that puts the dishes in the dish washer and runs it.  I don’t really mind.  But sometimes I wonder why someone would empty a coffee cup and then rinse it out, but not move their arm the foot and a half over to the dishwasher and put the cup in the dishwasher.  It’s even the top rack -they don’t even have to bend over.  Today I saw 4 coffee cups – that means 4 people couldn’t be bothered to put their coffee cup in the dishwasher.  I haven’t been back there since lunch, but I can almost guarantee there will be Ramen noodles in the sink drain.  Coffee cups is one thing – but leaving your half eaten food in the sink is just gross.

But I did have a bright spot in my day.  I ordered a pencil sharpener.  We’ve had pencils in the office for a year and no way to sharpen them – so I finally got a little battery operated pencil sharpener from Staples.  Only it didn’t work.  Well it did work when the 5 year old was using it.  But no adults can get it to work.  So I called Staples up, they are sending me a new one, and they told me to just throw the old one away.  Took all of 2 minutes, and I didn’t even have to verify my date of birth, address, social security number, first born’s name, or what I had for lunch (Though I could have said Ramen noodles and that would have been verifiable even if they aren’t mine).  I wish all returns were as easy as Staples.

Ok, I feel better now.  I’m looking forward to seeing the patch of tulips as I go home today.

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