The Intertubes have failed me!

So last night was my one night this week with nothing going on.  I was planning to play EQ2.  But several times during the night, we ran out of the internets.  This started happening as soon as I got home – which I got home late because I went to get my tires rotated and balanced – and instead spent over $200 on new tires – apparently I need an alignment.  Ugh.

But the interwebs was all wonky.  Cutting out several times.  And Micaela was playing the YouTubes and it would cut out last and start back up first.  We knew we had internet back when her YouTube video would start up.  Apparently the interwebs is made up of tubes… the YouTubes…   It was rather humorous.

But I logged into the game, early enough to get in on the guild group.  We went to Pools to get an update for a guild member.  But I kept having this horrible lag.  It would kick me out of voice and people would just stand there – and then all of a sudden the mob was dead and everyone was in a different part of the zone.  It was pretty bizarre.  And then it kicked me out completely.  Could not log back in.  I decided it was a good time to go to bed.  Only I didn’t.  Luckily I had already played the lottery – booby prizes all around – real booby too – I think I got eel and tea leaves.  Not even something good like bamboo shoots!  Which reminds me I need to be more on top of changing the laundry in the guild hall – we are running out of bamboo shoots because I make so much fancy food.

I thought I would catch up on American Idol – the fine tv program that is.  I saw the guys sing, and fast forwarded through the vast majority of them.  And then I did some computer work for the sports league – including fielding a call at 11pm.  Luckily I was still up.  Wait – I’m not sure luck was involved.  Maybe bad luck.  I could not turn my brain off.  Which has been happening a lot lately.  The brain keeps going long after the body wears out.

Which brings me to my next point – I’m trying to get organized.  I’ve got a Toodledo account now to keep track of all the things that are stuck in my brain.  Well, not all of them I guess – maybe just the stuff I need to do.  But that brings up the whole stuff stuck in my brain and no where else – like how to pay the electric bill.  If I drop dead tomorrow, in a month the electricity, water and phones will all be shut off as no one in my family has an inkling on how to pay them.  And things like Social Security numbers, and who our health insurance is through and I’m sure there are other things.  So, I’m looking into the whole “Getting Things Done” thing. But the sad thing is, I may never get around to looking into the “Getting Things Done” thing…

This weekend is crammed pack with stuff – board meeting and practice tonight, practice tomorrow night, Coach Clinic and parent meetings on Saturday – then heading down to San Antonio to see Hannah perform, and then a District board meeting in Austin on Sunday.  I’m pretty sure my body is going to give out pretty quick, and my brain will be left on for hours this weekend.  I don’t see EQ2 being a part of my activities this weekend.

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