The Mortal Champion: Fleabeaux!

I have been so slacking at updating the blog.  Partly because I used to update it at work, and now I actually have to work at work  – and weekends are getting busier.

But Flea finished the long ass signature quest and got the cloak! So that makes her happy.  She’s also parsing pretty dang good these days.  Well, when I’m not trying to eat dinner that is.

In other news – I took Caely the “wizlock” out for a spin tonight.  She sucks now.  To think, at one time she was the one that did all the dps.  Now it’s Flea.  When I was on Caely tonight, it was like casting through molasses – it was just so slooow.  I’ve also taken Caelila the “dirgedour” out the other night.  She also sucks.  She’s going back on the shelf.

And now, to add to my misery that is the long ass signature quest – I am doing it on Caelien – the inquisitor (and she’s always been an inquisitor).  She also sucks.  But I was hoping to get her some better gear.  But I’m too scared to actually heal in a group.  It’s one thing to pretend you can be a scout – but  you can’t pretend to be a healer.  People die.

So that has all made me appreciate Flea all the more.  I really feel comfortable playing her.  And I honestly think, if all other things were equal, I would do more dps on Flea than another toon.  I know conjurors are not supposed to be the best dps – but I think skill has a lot to do with it, and apparently I’m just better at playing a conjuror.  I’ve decided to give raiding a shot with Flea – see how it goes.  Found an alliance group where you don’t have to leave your guild.  They raid mostly on weekends, which is perfect for me.  Except this weekend.  Going to see Hannah at a winter guard competition.

But on weeknights, it will be guild groups.  I very much enjoy going out with the guild.  One thing we have noticed is that SOE has run out of Spirits and Essences.  We are drowning in Obols.  In fact, sometimes the chests would drop two obols.  We’ve done two  nights worth, with 6 zones – and no spirits at all.




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